Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soft Star Shoes provide a little slice of heaven for your feet!

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now; it is hard to believe that this September it will be five years! Back when I was new to the blogging world, when my blog was just a mini little bloglet, I reviewed a fabulous company called Soft Star Shoes. This was when my older son was just a year old! Time has sure passed quickly because he will be six soon. Anyway, I was so impressed with this company, that I knew when I had my newest little boy I just had to reach out to them and see if they were interested in another feature of their products on The Nurse Mommy. 

Soft Star shoes let me know that they actually just released new colors of the Buttercup Moccasin!  TThese shoes are so incredibly soft! Seriously, the name buttercup is perfect for them because they are buttery soft. This is premiere leather guys! 

“Our Buttercup moccasins are made with the absolutely
softest smooth leather we could find! Lightweight and cozy, your baby will love these. Inside, you will find genuine sheepskin innersoles that keep the foot protected, dry and comfortable. Sheepskin is nature's heat regulator–it keeps feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter. Inner elastic hugs the ankle, making the shoe easy to slip on and stay on!”

The Buttercup comes in a wide variety of colors so they are the perfect shoes for both boys and girls, and you can get them in a size 3 (0-6months) or 4 (6-12months). I opted to get little man a size 4 so he could get more wear out of them. However, the size 4 was way too big. I have put them on him, and he gets a little smile on his face when he wears them…I am sure that is because of the sheepskin on the inside. This makes such a nice, cozy bootie for the feet. I honestly wish I had these to wear around the house on a cold winter day!
Not only do I love the Buttercup style shoe at Soft Star but there are plenty of other shoes I adore. I particularly love the baby sandal! It is so cute and the colors match most little boy outfits! I am also in love with all of the runAmoc shoes- both the youth style and the adult style! I think my older son would look absolutely precious in these! 

Buy it: If you are tired of uncomfortable shoes on your family, you definitely should check out Soft Star Shoes and their soft leather shoes. I am willing to bet these are the most comfortable shoe any member of your family has put on their feet. Be sure to check out their facebook page, twitter and pinterest! If you do not like any of the colors you see on their website you can also design your own! That way you will be walking around with truly unique shoes! 

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All opinions are completely my own. I received the above shoes for my consideration while writing this review. No other compensation was given.

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