Monday, April 29, 2013

All About You, All About Me from Super Duper Publications: A Great "Get to Know You Game" for all ages!

My little boy who once told me everything about his day has now entered that age where he “can’t remember” anything about his day. He is ONLY 5!! This really bothers me, because if he cannot open up to his Mama at 5, how bad will it be when he is 12?

I was recently contacted to do a review of All About You, AllAbout Me from KidStuff PR and Super Duper Publications.

“These questions and more will help your students sharpen their ability to ask and answer basic questions. Students can use the 56 question cards to talk about themselves and learn about others. The deck includes basic questions, open-ended questions, content cards, and game ideas. Use the cards one-on-one or share them as a group.”

Now, I realize these are more targeted towards a teacher or even pre-school teacher, but I thought this would be a fun game to do as a family to have my little man open up more. We have brought these out numerous times right before dinner. We really like to ask a question or two before dinner and then it allows us to talk and bond as a family over a nice meal. There are questions like, “tell me about your grandparents” and my little guy never really knew anything about my grands, so it allows him to learn and to listen, and allows me to share. The questions like, “tell me about your mother” gives us a little laugh since his reply is, “she is crazy!” This set of 56 cards comes in a handy little tin, which is convenient to store. It is just about the size of a band aid case, and provides lots of entertainment for my little man. 

Since we have put these get to know you cards to good use, I have decided that next school year, I will be donating these to my son’s teacher so that his new class can get to know one another!! The open-ended questions are the perfect thing to improve social skills in all of my son’s classmates, and really allow them to get to know one another!! This game has an age range listed as pre-k through 5th, but I personally think they are neat for ANY age, if you just remove some of the simpler questions like, "what grade are you in." I remember, when my husband and I were dating we had books that listed lots of "get to know you questions" and we really enjoyed sitting around and talking about our lives through this book. This game is the same concept, but made for younger ages! 

I definitely recommend you checking out All About You, All About Me if you have a little one that needs to open up more, or if you teach! This is the perfect "first week of school" game! 

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