Wednesday, April 17, 2013

B. Witching Bath Company is my new favorite!

It is no secret around here that I LOVE products- soap, skin care, hair care..I just love trying it all. When I say trying it all, I do! I do product reviews here, subscribe to beauty boxes, love samples from big name beauty companies and purchase a TON. I feel that this makes me pretty savvy when it comes to products, and I am rarely overly impressed with any one product. That was before B. Witching Bath Company.


I received the Bordeaux Kitchen & Garden Soap and I am honestly not sure who liked it more, hubby or I. I was immediately impressed with how a little goes SUCH a long way. Just half a squirt is more than enough to thoroughly clean your hands. It also leathers extremely well….lots of suds and bubbles here….but I am going to be honest, what impressed me most was the smell. The smell of the Bordeaux Kitchen & Garden Soap is a rather strong scent (which I love for my kitchen soap) and so rich. It is made from organic grape seeds and there is a touch of tea tree to disinfect. Hubby and I (and I am not kidding in the least saying this) have been walking around for the past two days sniffing our hands! Sad but true. I even had my five year old sniff his hands and he loves it too! This soap is all around the best hand soap I have ever used. Though $12.95 is a little more than I like to spend, I definitely see hubby and I splurging on purchasing more of this. We just LOVE IT that much. 

A facial toner is something I use daily. I like to spritz it on right before I apply moisturizer. I feel it allows the moisturizer to spread more evenly. I also received the rose water toner from B. Witching Bath Company.  I do like to spray my toner on so I emptied this into a squirt bottle before I used it. This morning after using it, my skin felt so refreshed and soft after use. Much softer than with other toners I have used. This is alcohol-free and really refreshes my skin! This is definitely now my go-to morning pick me up for my face! At only $10.95 I will definitely be purchasing more of this as part of my daily skin care regime. 

I think it is pretty obvious that I am now a HUGE fan of B. Witching Bath Company, and I am in good company with my belief. This award winning company has been featured on the cover of soooo many popular magazines including People and Self magazines. This company has a huge following of fans for good reason, and I am one of them now! I guess since they have been making “lotions and potions” since 1969, they have pretty much perfected the art! Check them out for yourself, or like them on their facebook page for the latest updates. 

One lucky winner will be receiving the award winning lemon zest hand soap and goats milk body lotion. Be sure to check back here very soon to enter! 

I received the items listed above for my consideration while writing this review. All onions are my own, and yours may differ. 


  1. I hadn't heard of this company yet, off to check it out more! Thanks for sharing.