Thursday, April 18, 2013

I ADORE the 99 skin care line from Noevir!

Every once in a while you try a product that makes you a little jealous. A product that you wish you could use every single day for the rest of your life. That product for me is Noevir! I was sent samples of the 99 line (and I received samples several years ago for review) and I just have to tell you, Noevir is my absolute FAVORITE skin care line ever.

The 99 line is complete with deep cleansing massage gel, foaming cleanser, balancing lotion, replenishing moisturizer, and protecting skin cream. I love EVERY single product in this line, and my skin looks and feels so soft and refreshed after using it. It really is simply amazing! I also think my skin looks so much brighter while using it. So, if I love it this much, you might be wondering why I do not purchase it. Sadly, it is out of my price range. With my husband in school full time and me on extended maternity leave we just cannot afford it at this time. To purchase the full kit the price is $233. In all actuality this is not a bad price because with Noevir, a little TRULY goes a loooong way. I promise you, if I had the money, I would own this skin care kit…but alas, I am passing on the information to you. If you happen to have a little extra money (it WAS just tax season, wasn’t it?) this is totally an investment. It truly will make you look better and feel better and potentially could take years off of your appearance! The 99 line is truly wonderful for ALL kin care types!

Read my review of the 99 skin care line from Noevir all the way back from 2008. As you can see my opinion has not changed much in the years. I loved Noevir then, and I love them now!!

Buy It: You can purchase the 99 line from Noevir from independent consultant Janice. She will work with you to find your perfect product. Drop her an email at  Check it out!!

I received a sample size 99 skin care line for my consideration while writing this review. No other compensation has been provided. My opinions are completely my own, and yours may differ. 

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  1. I have never heard of this skin care brand but now I want to find it and try it out. It sounds great. What a grand review. Thank you.