Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lalaalu is a SUPER fun subscription box for the little ones!

Lalaalu Review-

Wow. I am SERIOUSLY impressed with Lalaalu. I have received/ reviewed/purchased other baby and child subscription boxes and I am most impressed with the Lalaalu box I received! We received so many awesome items and every single one will be put to great use in our home! I added up the total cost of my box and it is worth almost $61- and to purchase this box with a subscription would only be $30! That is a $31 savings! The wonderful thing is that because they send legitimate items that a family with a baby/child will use- nothing is wasted and you really feel like you are getting a great deal. Not to mention- how fun is it to get a surprise in the mail every single month? 

You might wonder what the subscription box includes.
“Your subscription includes a monthly gift box with 6-8 natural-based and eco-friendly brands, hand-curated by our panel of 15 NYC families. The collection of products always includes something for mealtime, bath time and playtime and a treat for mom and dad too! The products are parent-recommended and kid-approved, ideal for kids 0-3 years of age.”

Let me tell you what we received in my fabulous subscription box.

Firstly we received (2) Lazoo books. Together these books are valued at $14, and are a ton of fun for the little ones. They both have incredibly bright colors and teach babies about colors and animals. They definitely stimulate my little man and he is only 2 months old.  I know we will be using these many, many time over the next few months as he grows and develops. They are also cardboard books so they hold up well against the toughest wear and tear.

The M0mma Spoons are pretty awesome too! I love the handles. The large ball at the end are great for little hands learning to grip spoons and the shortened stem helps with hand to mouth action for babies. Even my 2 month old can hold this!! I also love that when you sit them upright on the table they a)stand and b) rock- so not only are they a spoon. They also work as a toy when you are out at a restaurant. They also come with a cover, so they are the perfect spoon to take with you! 

Lansinoh Clean and Condition Cloths are wonderful too! These are not a typical diaper wipe. They are non-drying so they are the perfect wipe to keep in your car for noses, hands and even as a bum wipe! I love the extremely light scent of them and how incredibly soft they make my hands feel. They are also very gentle when I use them as a bum wipe for my little man. Just all around a great wipe!

I was probably most excited about the Jack n’ Jill Toothpaste and toothbrush. With my oldest little guy- we used the chemical laden brand that you find in every store around. While it worked okay, all of the chemicals worried me. I am so excited to find another brand that is fluoride-free, no SLS and no preservatives. What is even cooler- the toothbrush is made from CORN STARCH and is biodegradable! While little man is too young to have his teeth brushed, I had to try this paste out to share with you. We received the banana flavor. While it does not taste entirely like bananas is does taste pretty good. It has a typical sweet taste of all baby toothpastes, but just knowing that I am not loading my little guy down with chemicals is so worth it to me! I also rubbed it on my teeth and was really surprised out how clean those teeth felt! It totally works!

While I am not breastfeeding anymore, The Lansinoh Therapearls (valued at $15.99) is a wonderful addition to our medical kit for bumps that my babies may get. I personally have one stored in the freezer for an icepack when my oldest is begging for ice for his many bumps and bruises, and the other is stored in the medical kit to microwave as a heat pack. We have already used the ice variety. It works very well. Because it comes with a little cloth cover, it is much more comfortable on his bumps rather than the typical ice in a baggie wrapped in a paper towel! 

So, now I am sure you see why I just LOVE my Lalaalu box! It is a fantastic value, and again- every single item will be used in our home! I HIGHLY recommend them if you like suprises for yourself and little one, or if you just want to give a gift to a loved one with a new baby. You can gift a box for only one month for a flat fee of $35 and shipping is always free! Check it out! 

I received the above box for my consideration while writing this review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are completely my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing this box. I was undecided on buying a subscription or not... And decided to buy a trial box because of you. :)