Monday, April 1, 2013

Moms can steal be a fashionista with Life Circles Necklaces.

Even though I am a mom of two little boys, I still try to look as nice as possible, but I have definitely realized the value of minimizing clutter and only keeping things around that has a function or even better- a MULTI-function. That’s why I was thrilled to learn of Life Circles Necklaces! If you have had children, you know at about 4-5 months old, babies start to pull- they pull moms hair, earrings and necklaces. If you are like me, you probably had to give up hoop earrings and have become a fan of studs- all because babies will pull the earring out. Necklaces can be torn off of your neck. Yep, babies can wreak havoc in a fashionista mom’s style! However, people are getting smarter. They are coming up with fantastic teething necklaces or nursing necklaces. Necklaces that are safe for babies to play with and some are even safe for babies to chew on. Sturdy jewelry that you do not have to worry about the baby messing with! 

Life Circles Necklaces is just one of these stores! I received the Nursing/Teething Necklace in dalmation jasper and wood. I just adore this! Even if I did not have a child, I would love this necklace. It is a very bold statement piece and so cute! My little guy is only a little over two months old and he is just beginning to get to the grasping age. He has played with this a little by swatting it, but I know in the next couple of months we will get a TON of use out of this! In the meantime I am enjoying wearing it because it is so cute! The necklace is made of wood that is sanded by hand, so there are no sharp edges or harmful chemicals used on this. The jasper stone really offers a pop of color that matches everything! 

“Our necklaces come in several sizes, styles, and colors and we are also happy to take custom orders. Our smaller necklaces are perfect for young babies as a nursing necklace, while the larger necklaces are more useful as teething necklaces or nursing necklaces for older babies. Life Circles Necklaces are great gifts for mothers, mothers-to-be, or anyone who enjoys beautiful yet simple jewelry made from natural materials. Each necklace is handmade with care.”

Buy It: Please support this stay at home mom in her business by purchasing a SUPER AFFORDABLE necklace. Her necklaces start at just $5!
That is a phenomenal steal! She also has a wide variety of natural toys and naturally dyed clothing at Life Circles Necklaces sister store Sunny Sprout

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