Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Young Scientist Club “Explore the Wonders of Nature” Kit- SO much FUN!

I have an extremely science minded little man. He loves nothing more than dinosaurs, seeds, tracks, bones, feathers…and anything that involves getting outside and exploring. Personally, I am thrilled that he is not one of those kids that sit in front of the television all day long. I do anything I can to encourage his love of nature and learning. So when I was contacted to review a kit from The Young Scientist Club, I was just thrilled! 

My little man and I immediately jumped right into the “Explore the Wonders of Nature” kit, which is part of the Magic School Bus Line, we received. Little man was most excited to make his own bug house which we did immediately. It was pretty easy to assemble out of an oatmeal canister or a box. We went the box route as you can see….and I don’t think my little guy could have been any more proud. Next thing I knew, we were out using the net included in the kit to “sneak up on bugs!” and catch them…..eventually we had a taker, and we had a friendly little guy to watch for a few hours before we released him.

I was more excited to make the track cast with him. I remember doing the same thing in Brownies when I was a little girl, so I thought it was a fun activity for us. I have to admit…this was a MESSY project and I sort of wish we did it outside, but all ended up well, and we had a lot of fun- even if we proved we do not have a ton of talent in the cast making world! 

Sadly, I have no talent making a paper mache ant either. I popped both balloons while trying to tape them. Little man was totally bummed since this was one of his first picked projects too! Just as soon as I purchase balloons little man and I have big plans on making this ant. 

This NEW kit has so much more to do! I CANNOT wait to do the scavenger hunt with my little man. I know the perfect trail that we can go on to do this- but this takes some planning since little man has a baby brother at home, and everything is in full bloom right now in Florida. Can we say ALLERGY attack? I really really look forward to hunting for different leaves, tracks and feathers with him though, and I know he will love to make it into a race! 

I took time to teach my little man about the lifecycle while playing with this kit, and he was just full of questions! He has learned so much from one little science kit and we still have soooooo much more to do!!! We still have to dry flowers, dissolve an egg shell, play the animal tracks game, build an ant farm, explore sun prints,  AND construct leaf art!! Can you believe you GET all of this out of one $19.99 science kit???

One last thing I love about this kit is the manual that comes with it! This manual is set up like we are truly conducting science experiments and is perfect to prepare younger children like my own for the days that he will have to do science experiments in school! It also allows him to see that science experiments can be FUN! It is very colorful and has lots of drawings and pictures to help your child get excited about science!

I personally think that you can never put a price on educational- but at $19.99 YOU CAN for this! This kit is MUCHO fun- educational and includes so many activities. I personally think it is great for this summer when the kids are out, bored and forgetting everything they have learned during the year! CHECK it out, and also check out the other fantastic kits from The Young Scientist Club. If nature is not your think, maybe bubbles, kitchen science, weather or even rainbows are! 

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~ Paige

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