Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For the Fur-Babies: PSCPets Joint Health for Dogs Review

Before I had my daughter, my dogs were my children. I still joke around and call my dogs "my first borns". Over the next few days, I am going to review some great pet products for your fur-babies!

We have two pups, and LOVE them to bits. Our first, Jake, we adopted in 2005. Well, my husband (then boyfriend) adopted him. He's a lab-greyhound mix and still spry as a puppy. He loves to run free as a bird, but is so well trained, he'll come running back from 300 yards away when commanded. He's a super high energy and slightly anxious guy. But he's our fierce protector and guards this home like it's his job!

Our second, Cody, we adopted around Christmas in 2006. He was classified as an "extra special pet". He was only seven months old and had three prior owners before us, so needless to say, he had some pretty significant separation anxiety issues. He also has a congenital spine disorder called "Wobbler Syndrome", where the ligaments that keep the vertebrae stable basically are weak and lead to "wobbling". But despite this, he is still quite the happy puppy. We've been told he's part shep, lab and possible rottie. We just know he is a big baby and thinks he's a 100lb lap dog! 

Since we brought Cody home, they've been besties EVER since. 

Now, as Cody has gotten older, he's had some joint issues due to being close to malnourished when we adopted him, as he was less than 50 lbs and you could see every single vertebrae on his back. Of course we fattened him up, but the damage had already been done. Lack of nutrition results in markedly weak bone structure. See, large breed dogs that grow rapidly need special care as puppies, or they run the risk of joint and bone damage later in life.

This is one thing that has contributed to Cody's physical decline. Also, due to Cody's Wobbler Syndrome, he has also developed some other joint and spine issues. Basically, his spine has developed spurs that are the body's way to attempt to fuse the vertebrae together, in order to stabilize them. It makes for some pain, especially since he doesn't have as much joint mobility as other dogs. We've been able to manage his pain and discomfort with supplements, some medications on his bad days, chiropractic adjustments, electric stimulation, and acupuncture. As long as he is a happy dog, he can play and run, and as long as we can manage his pain, he's with us until that time. 

One of the most important things we do for him is give him daily supplements to help with managing his symptoms and preserve his joints. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm pretty particular about the supplements I provide for my fur-baby. A quality product is extremely hard to come by.

I had the opportunity to review PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs Supplement for Cody. The Joint Support supplement contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, manganese, and Vitamins E. These have been proven to help maintain and support joint, ligament and bone health. They don't only work in dogs- they're good for horses, cats, even humans (but please make sure to get a human grade supplement if you look for this for yourself or a loved one!!).

So what's in this Joint Support supplement?
Glucosamine:a compound that is found in healthy cartilage, the stuff in between your joints (especially your knees!). Your body actually produces it, but is slows production as aging occurs. Taking glucosamine is thought to help repair some of the damage done to joints through normal aging.
Chondroitin: Chondroitin is also present in the body naturally and gives cartilage it's elasticity. There's theories that it helps to prevent the destruction of cartilage by enzymes.
Manganese:Manganese is a major building block in enzymes and is critical to detoxifying the boy of damaging free radicals.
Vitamin E:A super important antioxidant, Vitamin E is critical for cell function and structure. It's also important for immune function.

My only concern is that I feel it is missing something called MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is basically an antiinflamatory. This isn't a deal breaker, by far, but am an educated consumer who has used many brands of joint support supplements in the past for my dog, this is usually something that is included in combination with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. However, it is included in their Aging Support blend, which I will be reviewing in the coming days. 

We have been extremely diligent about giving Cody this supplement over the past month, as we really wanted to be able to measure his progress taking it. We have had NO problems getting him to eat the chews- he tears them up like they are a treat, which is so great because I hate force feeding him pills as it is. I have definitely noticed less "limpy" days, and his energy levels are great. We can usually tell how he's feeling; because, if he feels poorly, he'll hide out in the bedroom in his bed, or refuse to put weight on his hind left quarter. I can't guarantee that PSC pets Joint Support is the only factor in his recent physical improvement, but I can definitely attest that this is a great product for those with large breed pets with joint issues or older pets with joint issues.

Definitely make sure you order the correct size container for your size dog! We received a container for small dogs, so we had to adjust the dose considerably (per the manufacturer), and we've gone through our sample much faster than anticipated! We will be having to re-stock much sooner than expected! They also have a full line of three levels joint support for different needs.

PSCPets has a great line of products that you should check out. Also, make sure to check back in the next few days, as I am reviewing a couple other supplements from their product line! 

Plus- who doesn't want to see more cute fur-baby pictures??!!

For More Information Visit: PSCPet's Website as well as give them a "like" over on their Facebook page.

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  1. wow.. I learn something new every day.. Until yesterday, I did not even know that such products existed for your pets in the market. I hope taking the supplements is really helping Cody :)

  2. I had NO idea that they made Glucosamine for animals - brilliant! As someone who suffers from arthritis, I can vouch for the benefits of taking glucosamine. I had a friend who had black labs, and I know hip issues are very common too - poor pups!

  3. We've got a larger dog and I think this would be great for him. Thanks for teaching me something new today. Marlin is such a huge part of our family! We need to take care of him just as we would any family member

  4. We have a lab mix who is also our "first born". I think these supplements would be great for her! Thanks for the great information!

  5. this product sounds great...did.t have any ideal dogs can take glucosamine...thank you for sharing.

  6. So glad you adopted Cody even though he had problems.Those are the ones that need us the most. I hope the PSC Supplement helps~!