Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drammy Droopers Cloth Training Pull-Ups Review

I had the opportunity to review Drammy Droopers Cloth Training Pull Ups for our Totally Toddler "Potty Learning Package". Drammy Droopers sent me two pair of adorable gender neutral cloth pull ups and a bed protection potty pad.
Drammy Droopers are such an ADORABLE line of cloth diapers and they even have Cloth training pull ups (AMEN!). I absolutely despise disposable pull ups because they feel like diapers and disposable anything STINKS. 

Drammy Droopers can make custom prints and sizes for diapers, cloth pull up trainers, mama cloth pads, even able to make custom adult leak proof pull up diapers for urinary incontinence upon request.This is something I've come across while working with patients and know that this would be something greatly appreciated by the elderly patients I have- real, washable underwear that you would never know are "diapers". These provide protection as well as keeping women feeling as normal as possible, without anyone knowing they're wearing a diaper. And you know, they might even work for pregnant ladies that have the "oopsie" sneeze in that last couple months of pregnancy. Another thing I love about Drammy Droopers is that these are made by a WAHM and hand made in the USA. So not only are you supporting a small business, you're also supporting a US based business, and mother.

Check out the adorable packaging. She definitely takes care in her product and wants you to know she cares about your purchase. In the card was the prepping info for the  trainers- just like diapers. Drammy Droopers sent me two pair of gender neutral cloth pull ups and a potty pad to protect the bed that's sized at 18″x26 to review for up upcoming Totally Toddler Event, with our Potty Learning Prize Package". The potty pad could even be used as a changing pad before needing it to protect the bed.

Drammy Droopers have custom sizes of cloth pull up trainers for toddlers, with elastic around the waist and legs to provide the perfect fit to protect against leaks. Their outer layer is a flannel durable cotton fabric print, and inner layer is one of the several colors of very soft and durable microfleece or suedecloth. The awesome thing about these is that no cover is needed (unlike OTHER brands).  The middle layer is laminated and has long lasting, high-quality waterproof PUL to keep moisture on the inside. For those heavy wetters, a snap can be added upon request for an additional snap in soaker. The soaker snaps into the cloth trainer pull up system for those heavy wetters. Soaker materials are your choice. One other cool thing I learned about these is that the soakers are able to be used from baby to potty training- the custom sized soakers made to be interchangeable between the cloth pull ups and custom cloth diapers.

I also received an 18" x 26" potty pad. They have the same super absorbent inner material as our soakers, and will keep any carpet (if being used as a puppy pad), crib, car seat, or little ones mattress dry and comfortable. These pads are very moisture wicking as well. They can also be used as an "on the go" changing pad. Especially to cover those NASTY public baby changing stations. Top layer is flannel, inner layer is super absorbent rayon, bottom layer is waterproof PUL.

Definitely make sure you check out our Totally Toddler "Potty Learning Package" that consists of the four items: including TWO pair Drammy Droopers Cloth Diaper Training Pull Ups- custom designed with the print of your choice!!!

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