Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We love the adorable, quality clothing from Tumblewalla- clothes that are meant to be played in!

I received the items listed below for my consideration while writing this review

I am always looking for incredibly fun, unique, bright, soft, printed clothing for my boys, and I have definitely found it with Tumblewalla

Customer Service

Every once in a while, I have the pleasure of working with a company that’s customer service surpasses others, and I just had that chance with Tumblewalla. This wonderful store, which offers unisex apparel (though bordering on boy colors and prints) for babies and toddlers, is such a joy to work with.

“Loosely translated from Hindi, Tumblewalla means “one who tumbles” which reflects the playful spirit of the brand.”

The meaning behind this name is definitely what this company is all about. They make quality clothing that is made to move in! We received the mini monsoon body suit and the blue bottoms. The first thing I noticed when opening the package was the wonderful little re-usable cotton play bag that they came in! This is so perfectly handy to throw ANYTHING in and go. I know I personally have a stash of a bottle and diapers in my car in case I forget my diaper bag, and this is just PERFECT to hold that!! 

Mini Monsoon Body Suit- 
Incredible soft! Really, this is one of the softest onesies I have ever felt. I love the fact that it is made as a two snap Henley so it is perfect to go over the heads of the larger-headed babies. Yep- 95 percentile with little man, and we often have to force things over his head. This, of course, puts him in a panic! The snaps make it so much easier for him- and for me! I seriously hate the fear that crosses his eyes when I dress him- so this is the perfect alternative. The fun colors are something I adore. I seriously love bright colors (and am partial to orange on my boys) and the elephant is so cute, and totally appropriate for a little boy.

Blue Bottoms- When I looked at the picture, I fully expected those crisp linen blend pants that you purchase in the bigger named stores. However, I was very impressed when they arrived. SOOOO soft. I mean, really incredibly soft, and even softer after washing. I know my little man is completely comfortable in these. They are as soft as the cotton pants he wears at home- but so stylish, they definitely qualify as “wear out” clothes!!


The items I received from Tumblewalla do run a bit small. Little guy is just barely in a 6-9 months in other brands- but the 12-18 month body suit and 18-24 month pant fit him just fine with a tiny bit of room to grow (the pants do have to be rolled up a bit). I was told that the rompers run a little small as well but the shirts run true to size. 

Tumblewalla also has a blog where they share delightful stories that are all about moving and playing in unique- often overlooked ways! 
Purchase It 
I am often a deal shopper- however, I have found with my babies quality is more important than quantity. I do not want to put that soft skin in anything that is scratchy or uncomfortable. However, with Tumblewalla, you do not have to give up either. Shirts start at $19. Even if that is a bit more than you like to pay, these are quality items made to last- and even be passed down from child to child!  Shipping is always free at Tumblewalla- so if you are like me and hate to pay extra for shipping- no worries there!
Win It
Check back on The Nurse Mommy next week for an amazing giveaway of TWO complete outfits from Tumblewalla! 


Paige received the items listed above for her consideration while writing this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are completely my own and honest, however you may have a different opinion from me. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at nursmommypaige at yahoo dot com.  


  1. OMG those are super cute outfits. I agree it may be a bit pricier than most but you pay for quality and that is worth it in the long run.

  2. How adorable!!! Love the elephant :)

  3. hahahah such CUTE clothes! I haven't ever heard of this brand but I'm glad I have now

  4. Super cute! Love that the pants look so comfy to move around in. Definitely too pricey for me but I love finding stuff like this to file away for 'maybe one day'!

  5. These are so adorable and they look amazingly comfortable for the little ones.

  6. Oh man my little guy could totally rock those. Super cute!

    Chelle from Oh, just stop already

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