Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why we LOVE Buddy Fruits!

Sure, we all know that fresh fruits and veggies are the best snack to choose, but sometimes life gets just too busy and we go for convenient foods. Often times, these convenient foods are anything but nutritious and offer ingredients that are iffy to say the least.  My son’s absolute favorite convenience foods are Buddy Fruits. I discovered these a couple years ago at the grocery store, but my store only sell the most basic variety of Buddy Fruits, and we wanted to try more! 

My Son’s Take On Buddy Fruit (and mine too)

First off, the Buddy Fruits are easy. Perfect to just pop in your bag and go. Little man can finish one pretty quickly so they are perfect for a quick snack in a rush. I love that there are No: preservatives, coloring, additives, fat, genetic modification, water, dairy or gluten. These truly are the next best thing to fresh fruits and veggies.

In the display kit we received we also got to try out Superfruit pouches which are wonderful for someone to give them a little energy before or after a workout! Yep- that is right. Buddy fruit is not only for children!! The tropical coconut milk is wonderful for the coconut lover, and I HAD to try it!! Wow…can we say that it took me poolside on some tropical oasis. Even though we keep our Buddy Fruit in the pantry in our “healthy bowl” for easy access for my son- I can only imagine how phenomenal this would be chilled. I thought I was doing this review for my son, who by the way said, “they are soooo yummy!” but it turns out, I really like Buddy Fruit too!! 

It has been a while, but we have had (and enjoyed) the fruit bites from Buddy Fruit as well. They were quite tasty and a better choice then you typical fruit snack. I will tell you, there is one product my son is a little iffy on, and I only think it is because it was unexpected for him. That is the gel Buddy Fruits.  I was so shocked that he did not love this, that I had to try it…and it was totally a texture thing. He expected the usual pureed texture of a Buddy Fruit, and instead he discovered it was a gel. It took him by surprise, not to mention- he is not a huge jello eater to start with…so this is the one and only product from Buddy Fruit that he did not love. If you have a jello eater in your home- this would definitely be for them.

Why Buddy Fruit and not another brand?

I can be a thrifty Mama, so I have purchased off brands. Store brands that promise the same thing as Buddy Fruit just do not do it for my little guy. He quickly rejected them, and needless to say they were given away. From now on, this Mom has learned, only buy the “good stuff” -only the Buddy Fruit!

 The Giveaway
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  1. We love Buddy Fruits around here and we are so glad that our local Chick Fil A offers them in their kids meal.