Monday, June 3, 2013

Aeromax is perfect for the creative child!

“Creative Child magazine awarded this water toy its top prize, a 2011 Kids

Product of the Year Award. This fire engine-red soaker shoots water over 30 feet

with one pump of the hose!”

We live in Florida. It is hot, very, very hot. Sometimes all you can do to beat the heat, is finding any way you know how. Often times that is with water guns, water balloons, slip and slides and now with our new Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack. This is like a water gun- just much much better! Creative Child voted this the 2011 Product of the Year. I have to agree with this! Think water gun without having to stop and refill it every single time. Very cool. 

The Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hosewith Backpack was extremely easy to put together. I did it in a matter of seconds, and my hubby will tell you- I cannot put anything together. My son was super excited, and actually used this to water his plants. That is his huge love right now, gardening. Of course he had to get in a quick soak of me and his Dad as well! It holds enough water to pump 60 times!! That is a whole lot of water fun in one little toy!!  We have already had tons of fun with this toy, and summer lasts in Florida until around October, so we will have tons more fun!  

I highly recommend you taking a look at Aeromax and check out Aeromax on facebook if your child is as big of a fan of pretend play as my little guy is! It is the perfect store to let their imagination lead the way! Be sure to enter our contest for one of four toys from Aeromax!

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