Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Easy Way to Make Cloth Wipe Solution

I never thought I would be a cloth wipe mama. I made the plunge to cloth diapers simply to save money, and honestly, cloth wipes just make more sense since I was already washing poopy diapers.

My preference of wipes:
I have both flannel that I purchased from etsy, and microfiber. The microfiber are bigger and absorb more so I prefer them... I have less of them though so I save them for the bigger messes. I have heard of people ripping old shirts up and just using that. If you are REALLY looking to save money, this would be the way to go.

Solution Options:
I searched the internet and found that diaper wipes solutions can be expensive (so that makes cloth wipes not an extremely economical choice.) I also found many wipes solutions that required using soaps, which I did not like the idea of. Why would I put soap on my baby, but not wash it off? 

The solution that I love most:
5-6 drops of tea tree oil, 5-6 drops of lavender oil, and 1 cup of hot water. 
Tea Tree Oil- Tea Tree Oil has antifungal and antibacterial and antiviral benefits so you can rest assured that babies bottom is very clean. It is used for wounds and acne and numerous other skin disorders.
 Lavender Oil- Lavender Oil is known to also be an antiseptic, and it also helps with burns and rashes. It is soothing to the skin, and to the spirit, so the scent can calm babies.

I simply mix all ingredients in a cup, place wipes in an old disposable wipes case, pour solution on top and shake. Since I already use cloth diapers, using cloth wipes takes no more work than the minute it takes to make the solution. My 5 month old has NEVER (not even exaggerating) had a diaper rash- so something must be working!!


  1. I made a solution like that sans the lavender, and my daughter broke out (she has really sensitive skin, that's one of the reasons why we cloth diaper). So we just use plain old H2O. But we switched to cloth to save money too (hubby lost his job and around that time, we had 3 in diapers, the oldest one is being potty-trained now).

    1. wow, three in diapers!! I couldn't even imagine. My oldest is almost we just have the one. My little guy has sensitive skin too...but this does not bother him at all.