Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lazy Saturday

My day started off just like any other Saturday.  My oldest woke up at the crack of dawn and attempted to wake the rest of us.  His energy level at 6 a.m. is still a mystery to me.  But we all ended up getting out of bed by 8.  I took my youngest to Michael's with me to meet a friend, while my sweet hubby dealt with my oldest who was in the midst of an epic meltdown.  I was glad to escape the chaos for the moment.  If you have read many of my previous posts then you know that my oldest has Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD.  So his meltdowns aren't anything to scoff at. They can make a parent's blood pressure rise in an instant.

This post isn't really about him though.  Like I said, my day was pretty average. I enjoyed some great company with a friend while we cut out birthday party decorations.  I am planning my youngest son's 4th birthday party, and I am regretting the decision to do all the crafty stuff.  I am not Martha Stewart.  Most of my crafts end up looking like the wonderful stuff over on Pintrocity. But I still attempt...every year to make the kids' parties as cute as possible.  I was very grateful for the help of my friend on cutting out about a million pirate themed party favors. My boys were also inspecting every.single.thing we had out and making the proper adjustments to make sure they were up to their standards!

After the party decor stuff was cut out my boys tried their very best to drive me and my hubby to the brink of insanity by making endless requests of snacks and fighting with each other. Pretty much just another day in the Hughes household.  But in the midst of all the craziness and chaos I heard my youngest son, who has apraxia, say 'Daddy' for the very first time.  He has always called my husband 'Da Da' and me 'Ma Ma'  Lately his vocabulary has exploded and he has improved so much in his speech.  I was so excited to hear him say "DADDY" that I just had to try and get him to say "Mommy" too.  I asked him and he did. It was the sweetest word ever.  I feel like with my oldest son that I took so much for granted.  Speech came so easily to him, he was talking in sentences before he was 2.  So the impact of Zack's speech delay hit me hard. It was difficult to see the difference between my boys. One who seemed so advanced in one area and then another child who seemed so behind. It broke my heart to think my child couldn't express himself to me like his brother could. So today, in all the normalcy and chaos, I was given such a sweet, sweet sliver of hope.  I savor these moments and play them over and over in my head to remind myself that these days that seem so challenging will be over one day.  One day my boys will be grown and I'll miss the fights and the muddy foot prints and the millionth request for a juice cup.  Today I was given an amazing gift.  And I thank God for these sweet moments.  I also have to thank the therapists, teachers and EI workers who have not only worked with my son, but who have also been an amazing source of support for me. The ones who have taken every one of my concerns seriously.  They are all such a blessing to our family.

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