Thursday, June 27, 2013

MedBeachStones The Best in Home Decor for those who LOVE!

There are two things I am most proud of. That is being a good Mom and a good wife. As a matter of a fact, I have a wall in my bedroom that shows these things off. Before discovering and reviewing Medbeachstones, I had a personalized Mommy framed art, a plate my son made me for mother’s day, and my cake topper. Now I have a beautiful canvas custom piece of art added to the mix. 

Medbeachstones is this fabulous little company that makes art for love. They find these fabulous heart shaped stones on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel and adds them to a beautifully painted canvas. This art can be customized with names and dates of marriages or proposals. 

“Genuine Heart shaped rocks make Unique gifts for Wedding, for anniversary or for any other occasion for the people you love. The rocks are 100% natural. They are drifted to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, where I find and pick them. I never cease to be enthused when I see another heart shaped stone on the shore. This is magical. I see these stones as presents from the sea.”

First off, as a traveler at heart (though that has settled down since having children) I LOVE that these rocks come from Israel. Israel is definitely on my list of “places to see before I die!” Anyway, back to the art. This is beautiful! It is custom, and I just love it. It has our wedding date on it, and the canvas is painted this faint yellow. It is wonderfully made, and I know this will be hanging in our home for years to come.

Medbeachstones also offers unique “cards” These cardboard boxes with a heart shaped stone and your personalized message is FANTASTIC, and the recipient of this would be in love. I can think of a few people I would love to give this to! You can never tell your loved ones how much they mean to you too much. Along with family wall art, necklaces, magnets, and wedding d├ęcor- this is the one stop shop for all things love!! Medbeachstones has a unique product, and a powerful message. All we really need is love! 

I highly recommend you checking out Medbeachstones soon! Remember to purchase in advance shipping from Israel takes time! Also, be sure to check back for our handmade event for your chance to win the beautiful Love is Home canvas!

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