Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PSC Pets Aging Formula for Dogs

I had the chance to review quite a few items from the PSC Pets supplements for dogs. I've reviewed the Joint Support formula and the Calming formula. Today, I'm going to discuss PSC Pets Aging Support for dogs.

I've been holding on to this review, because I wanted to wait until the Joint Support formula trial was finished before I started using the Aging Support. 
One of the major differences between the Joint Support formula and the Aging Support formula are a couple of key ingredients: Perna Mussel, MSM and Vitamin C.
  • Glucosamine which is key to helping the body repair damaged cartilage. It's a compound that is found in healthy cartilage, the stuff in between your joints (especially your knees!). Your body actually produces it, but is slows production as aging occurs. Taking glucosamine is thought to help repair some of the damage done to joints through normal aging.
  • Chondroitin is also present in the body naturally, and is a structural component of cartilage and helps to support its elasticity. There's theories that it helps to prevent the destruction of cartilage by enzymes.
  • Perna Mussel and MSM which support joint health through anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E for their antioxidant properties and overall immune boosting benefits.
The Joint support formula didn't have MSM, which I noted that I was concerned was missing. I was extremely happy to see that the Aging Support formula for dogs had MSM in it's formula.

As before, we were extremely diligent about giving Cody this supplement over the past month. I feel to get a true indicator of their progress, you just have to do it right. As with ALL the other PSCPets products, we have NO problems with getting him to eat the chews. He looks forward to them, and our 22 month old Nugget gives them to him. He's had about 15% of limpy days this month, and energy is no problem- still a happy, playful guy. He's been on PSCPets products for a couple months now, and overall, he's doing great. We haven't had him at the chiropractor or for acupuncture these couple months, and I can definitely say that this is a fantastic product for large breed dogs with joint issues due to aging. It's something we are most definitely going to be keeping him on.

PSCPets has a great line of products that you should check out if you've got pets that have supplement needs. For More Information Visit: PSCPet's Website as well as give them a "like" over on their Facebook page!! 

PSCPets Aging Formula for dogs can be purchased at as well as on

Do you give your pets supplements? Have you started since my first few posts about it? 

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