Friday, August 23, 2013

Creative Dinosaur Birthday Party

My oldest just turned six and he is a living, breathing dinosaur. Well, at least he is 80% of the time. This little boy can tell you anything you want to know about a is amazing!! I knew I had to give him a dinosaur birthday party, so I began browsing the internet for ideas and wanted to share with you what I have found. Other than purchasing some dinosaur decorations at the local party store, and having the party at a ceramic place that provided dinosaur ceramics to paint, we mostly had fun with the food. We threw in a few of his toys as decorations- cheap and easy!

I made all of the signs labeling the food out of index cards, stickers, colored paper, and printed the words on the computer. So simple and fun!

Herbivore Diet- We made little cups of celery and carrots and platters of fruit for the Herbivore Diet

Carnivore Diet- A platter of Pepperoni and Cheese completed this.

Pterodactyl Nests- Pretzel sticks and grapes in a cup. This was the BIGGEST hit, and were pretty much gone at the end of the party. 

Volcano Cupcakes- Though I am not a baker and I hired someone to make these they look relatively simple and if you have any culinary ability I am sure you could come up with similar. 

Dino Claws- A bowl of Bugle Chips makes for a great Dino Claw.

Dino Droppings- (My personal favorite) Chocolate Covered Raisins!

Dino Eggs- This could really be anything, whoppers candy- deviled eggs- I did peanuts. Whatever floats your boat and is remotely egg shaped.

Also, we did not get a picture but I used stamps that look like cave paintings on brown paper bags for the goodie bags to go with the theme. We had a ceramics painting party but I have also read about having children dig through sand boxes for fossils as part of a dinosaur party theme! We definitely would have done this if it were in my home.


  1. LOVE IT!! At that age, my son was the same way about dinosaurs, he knew every detail about every dinosaur lol! Looks like a fabulous party, good job momma!

  2. What a fun party!!! Such a cute theme.

  3. Oh this is cool....maybe next year! My son will turn 7. Do you know if there is a way I can bookmark this post?

    1. you could email it to yourself and save it :)

  4. I like the different food ideas for the themed party.