Monday, August 19, 2013

Who screams for frozen lemonaid! I do with Luigis!!

There is one weakness of mine that will never go away and that's my sweet tooth. Since I watch what I eat very closely I've done away with ice cream. However, I still find that I need something cold and sweet from time to time. Quite a while ago, I discovered that I really love Italian ice. Of course, one of the biggest names in Italian ice is Luigi's.

I've been purchasing the frozen lemonade for myself and my oldest son for years now. Recently I heard that Luigi is coming out with new flavors including cotton candy, sour apple and orange! My son and I were extremely happy to be offered her the chance to review these flavors. He is a big fan of the cotton candy while I like the sour apple, because I prefer fruit flavors. With only 100 cal in each cup and the Luigi's Ice being  fat free, I do not have to feel guilty for my sweet tooth. If you have never tried Luigi's Italian ice in any of the flavors available you definitely need to. I personally think that the sour apple and cotton candy are a very kid friendly flavor and you can spare a lot of calories by serving your children this for dessert rather then that fattening ice cream or cake.

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  1. I love Luigi's. I'm not sure if you got the chance to try it last summer but they did an anniversary flavor, Birthday cake. It was fabulous. I do like the cotton candy, but with Luigi's even just the lemon is perfect. Tastes like childhood.

    1. I prefer fruit flavors, but I bet my son would have loved birthday cake!

  2. Sour apple grabbed my attention. I didn't realize they were coming out with flavors. Refreshing, hydrating, and wonderful. These make nice treats. By the way, it is National Lemonade Day today. Enjoy!
    Sherry Compton

  3. I missed national lemonaid day!! poo!!

  4. I'd love to try the sour apple or the orange, I so rarely enjoy a treat like this one but I definitely will have to look for this brand to try! Most treats I make myself, but some things are always better to buy!