Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mixie Bottle Makes Those Nighttime Feedings So Much Easier!

You are looking at one tired mama. You see, I birth these little boys that just do not like to sleep. Ever! My oldest was 2 years before he slept through the night, and at almost 8months- my youngest is heading in that direction. He still loves to wake up for a 3am bottle. Let me tell you my bad mama story. So, every night I put formula powder in a bottle with a bottle of water next to it. Well, actually I put two because sometimes he requires two. One night, in my sleepy stupor, I poured water in the bottle that he had already drank- NO WONDER he drank a few sips and gave up!! 

tired, oh so tired!
So, Mixie just reached out and offered me a bottle for review. Even though we recently had that incident, I was hesitant because little man is extremely picky about which bottles he will take, but decided to give it a try! I am very glad I did, because this has become a lifesaver for us in the middle of the night. He also took to it very well since he is use to wider mouth bottles, which the Mixie offers. It is just so nifty!! You just add your powder to the little container on the inside, put the top on- pour water to the line of formula desired, and then when you are ready to use, just press on the bottom. By pressing on the bottom, this releases  the top of the formula holder and voila! Shake and instant bottle!! 

Designed by a dad who wanted a bottle that could be fixed now and mixed later, this ingenious little design can soothe a baby's hungry stirrings in two shakes! An internal chamber holds up to four scoops of formula and keeps it perfectly dry with an air-tight seal. Fill the 8 oz. bottle with water and pop it in your baby bag or purse, or stock your cupboards before leaving little ones with grandparents or babysitters. At the first sign of fussiness, the bottle's bottom button can be pushed in order to release the formula into the water. The inner compartment's lid functions as a whirling, twirling agitator, ensuring that no clumps remain after a few vigorous shakes. Featuring a baby-friendly design from top to bottom, the bottle is sealed with a wide-neck, food-grade silicone nipple that is vented to minimize colic symptoms, to keep infants content during and after feedings. The dishwasher-safe design ensures that cleanup will be just as quick and efficient as quelling tummy rumbles at home and on the road. 
We are definitely a HUGE Fan of Mixie bottles, which can be purchased at Uncommon Goods  for $19.99 and now I know I need at least one more for my stash. Generally, when we go out we take two bottles and another would be perfect and would allow me to stop purchasing the ready made formulas! This would definitely be a money saver in the long run!

Paige received this bottle to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. We always give honest opinions of products and only recommend products that we feel are beneficial to our readers! If you have any question about this review or others please contact Paige at nursemommypaige at yahoo dot com.

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