Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Win a Variety Pack of Fruit.0- The Fruit Pouch Made for Adults!

Both of my boys love fruit pouches, and I have never given them much thought for myself. Then I was sent Fruit.0 for review. These nifty little fruit pouches are made for ADULTS, which is very apparent in the taste and packaging. While my oldest loves them as well, I now have a new favorite snack when I am on the run. 

At first I was a little skeptical about the whole "fruit pouch for me" thing, so I had to pop it in the fridge to get it nice and chilly before trying. I dropped a tiny little bit on my tongue- just in case I hated it and had to pass it on to my son- but- wow! It was GOOD. I mean really really tasty! And hot dog!! Its only 100 calories AND organic. What a great little pick me up for a midday snack. 

- Made in USA
- Shelf life, 1 year after packing
- Shelf stable without refrigeration
- 100% fruit, no sugar added
- No preservatives
- No colors or flavors added
                                                                                    - USDA organic certified

It is sweetened naturally from the sugars in the fruits, and is about the consistency of a smoothie- because it is made from the juice and pulp of the fruit. Anyway, all facts aside, it made this skeptic a believer. This is definitely the easiest way to get your fruit servings in for the day and you can rest assured that it is perfectly healthy because there is not added sugars. It is a much more convenient way to snack because you do not need forks or spoons and it does not even have to be refrigerated! While the Mango, Pear, Pineapple Blend is definitely my favorite the Blueberry, Blackberry and Banana flavor is very tasty as well! I do not love Blueberries but know how healthy they are, so I love that I can get in all of the health benefits from them in this one tasty little pouch. Be sure to like Fruit.0 on facebook to stay up to date with the latest product information. 

Win It: One lucky winner will receive their own assortment of Fruit.0 pouches. Please use the Giveaway Tools form to enter.

Chances of winning depend on entries received.

Retail value approximately $24.99
Open to US residents 18 years and older
All entries will be verified
Winner has 48 hours to reply to this notification email or another winner will be selected
Contest ends 9/30

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  1. I like that it is organic and has no artificial additions to it. It sounds like a snack I would be happy to add to my diet.

  2. I like that they organic which means no GMOs!

  3. They're organic and they're only 100 calories!

  4. Organic, no fat, adequate fiber---2-3 gm per serving, vitamins. Very healthy snack.

  5. I like that it is organic and has no sugar in it

  6. you will get 80% of your daily vitamin C

    tiramisu392 (at)

  7. I really like that they have such a long shelf life! I am really bad about getting things and then they go out of date or ruin before I can use it.

  8. I like that they are low calorie.

  9. I like that they are easy to carry and enjoy wherever we need it.

  10. I like the flavors of pineapple and mango.
    I also like the fact that these snacks are sugar free.

  11. I love how it's just fruit - nothing else added, not even fruit juice! These are great for all ages!

  12. The fact that they are only 100 calories is great!

  13. i love that theres no added sugar!! fruit is sweet enough!

  14. The blueberry black berry banana sounds good.I like that they are convienent and they have more adult geared flavors.

  15. Mango, pear and pineapple sounds amazing!

  16. I love that you can take them and go. Have you ever tried to pack a plum or a peach when they are ripe