Friday, October 18, 2013

Sponsored- HapiMomi App

I have a busy schedule with 2 kids and managing a household, and remembering my husband’s work schedule.  I was asked by HapiMomi to review their iPhone app. The app is a multitude of things. It has a calendar, to do list, shopping lists, notes and more.

One, it’s free and we all love free apps. 2 you can put your family members in plus 7 others and they only see what you want them too. I set up the app right away and it was super easy.

You can add contacts as well, like emergency numbers, friends & family etc... 

The shopping lists are awesome. They have categories already set up for you for the most common stores and also a misc section. It’s a great way of adding to lists. There are times where I need to text my husband something and it gets lost in the other texts. This way it’s all in one spot and he can see it.

The calendar is great because everyone can add their events and appointments and we can all see it. It no longer get written on the fridge and forgotten by the time we leave the house in the morning.

The notes are great as you can send notes back and forth to each other, kind of like instant messaging which is pretty cool.

I highly recommend you go to the app store and download yours today.

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