Friday, November 8, 2013

CaringBridge and Hallmark Team Up During National Caregiver Month with The "Caring Messages" Contest #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for CaringBridge. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Growing up, I had an aunt who was a quadrapelic from a car accident. Each and every night I went with my Mom so she could help care for my aunt and bathe her. These moments formed my desire to become a registered nurse as an adult! Watching my mother give of herself so unselfishly gave me a new admiration of her.  I know just how important it is to support caregivers in their work of caring for their loved ones. It can be stressful and incredibly hard work, and is definitely a full time job! 

To help support caregivers who give tirelessly of themselves to loved ones who need assistance, CaringBridge, a nonprofit caring social network and Hallmark are kicking off a "caring messages" card contest during the National Caregiver Month! The goal of this contest is to create messages that really encourage caregivers! 

From October 28th through November 17th, the “Caring Messages” card contest encourages participants to draw on personal experiences as a caregiver or as someone receiving care and create a message of love and support appropriate for a caregiver. Participants can submit one card idea in each of the following categories to 

Support and Encouragement: What can you say to lift someone up or help them get through the day? Let them know you’re thinking of them, send happy thoughts and cheer them on.

Compliments and Appreciation: Let someone know how much you admire them: What they do and how they do it.

Words from the Wise: If you’ve experienced something yourself you understand what it’s really like. Write a supportive message for others based on what you’ve learned or what you needed to hear.

This partnership aims to provide patients, caregivers and supporters with love, hope and compassion. Winners announced in February will receive a cash prize, and their entry will be sold at with in-store sale to be determined.

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