Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Contest Especially for The Nurses- You Could Win $1000 for Your Story! *sponsored*

If you have a passion for nursing and a passion for writing then this is the perfect contest for you. Every one of us in the medical profession have stories: the good, the bad and the completely heartwarming. The stories we have shared with our coworkers, the stories we think about all of the time. The one special patient or family that touched your life in ways they might never know. THOSE are the stories that Nursing Unveiled wants you to share.

Simply write an essay about that ONE memorable nursing moment, and you could potentially win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card for the Grand Prize Winner. Second Place will receive $500 Amazon card and Third will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

This contest is open for student nurses, current nurses, or retired nurses who are US Residents. Any specialty of nurse is welcome to share their stories.

How do I enter? Well, it is simple really. Write your story, and then complete your profile with (it's free) and submit your story to their website. There are four factors they are looking for: Content. Helpful. Quality. Heart. Basically a well written captivating story that shows the passion you have for being an nurse, and allows others to see the wonderful side of nursing.

Hurry and start writing yours. This contest runs from 10/15/13-12/4/13.
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