Friday, December 27, 2013

Dress First- Affordable dresses

Have you ever looked for a cute dress but found the prices are insanely high? I know I have. I just don’t have the money to pay $300+ for a single dress. Dress First has dresses for a very reasonable price.

I have a few fun summer type dresses, but nothing that screams night on the town. Like I said above, I don’t have $300+ to spend. I’m a mom of 2 girls and lots of bills between me and my husband much like most people these days. I like a good deal but I also want a really pretty dress. I was searching through the classic “little black dress” when one caught my eye. I was thinking, can I really pull this off? Then thought probably not but the second dress I saw I probably could and not look half bad in it. Priced at $113, I can definitely do that. Plus it’s something that I could wear over and over again. You know there are some outfits that once you take a public picture in, you can’t wear again without people being like… “oh didn’t you wear that to…?” yea, we all have those friends (or at least I do). Plus with facebook, it’s easy to pull that up again.

One of the really nice thing about Dress First, is that they just don’t have the simple little black dress. They have every category, from prom, to evening and even wedding dresses. That’s right wedding dresses. These dresses are so pretty and discounted so much that you can really afford something extraordinary on a simple budget. Plus right now there is no shipping charge which is huge especially when it comes to clothes as you may have to send it back for a different size. When sites have free shipping I have purchased a couple clothing items, tried them on then returned the one that didn’t fit while keeping the one that did. Hence, saving myself tons of time and money.  

Go check out Dress First today and see if they have anything for you. Who knows maybe they will have that prom dress that your daughter is dying for.

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