Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Loosing Weight Through Weight Watchers

Claire's Race to Health Through Weight Watchers

Most of you know that I had gastric bypass surgery. Even thought that was the only option for me there are still other options for people. Weight Watchers is one of those options. I have known many people that have used weight watchers and have seen amazing results. 
I wanted to share with you Clair's story. 

One of the biggest problems faced by people in America today is obesity. Connoisseurs of food are grappling with the disastrous toll obesity is taking on their bodies. Most people realize that being overweight is not merely an issue of body image consciousness, but that it has repercussions for the health of an individual. Morethan one-third of adults in U.S. are obese. Such a staggering statistic would knock health specialists off their feet. To counter obesity people may resort to drastic measures like crash-dieting, which only worsens their health.

An ingenious way to effectively maintain a proper weight is to simply watch what you eat. Many people have incorporated this simple ideology in their lives and the results have transformed their lives. One such successful example is that of Claire who weighed 13st 17lb and had developed serious health concerns due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome and reactive hypoglycemia.

Claire had no other option but to bring her problems under control, for which purpose she joined the Weight Watchers Program. At age of 18, she initially attended motivational talks, which were essential to keep her spirits high. After a few years, with a renewed commitment, she started using Weight Watchers Online and kept tabs on her food and caloric intake to help her maintain a strong hold on her diet. 

Claire’s story demonstrates that although losing weight is a battle, it is by no means an endless one. She successfully managed to lower her weight and enjoy her social life at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, a balanced diet does not mean bland or boiled food; rather, just like Claire, you can frequently eat out, provided you keep a check on the calories consumed. In this way, by keeping a record of her meals, Claire was able to aim for a healthy diet and did not feel constrained because she could still enjoy some treats from time to time. 

Claire lost about over 60lbs and overcame the terrifying prospects of the diseases that loomed at her doorstep. Claire became accustomed to this flexible and effective form of diet management. For her, following a healthy diet was not like the sword of Damocles hanging over her head, but gradually it seemed almost natural to think before you eat. Being responsible for your life choices is one value, which programs like Weight Watchers intend to inculcate in people.  Claire was empowered to change her dietary habits in order to live a more productive and fit life. By prioritizing on what was important to her, she tackled an issue so many individuals struggle with. Devising a plan for reducing one’s weight might seem like the hardest part, but through persistence, dedication and honesty it has highly positive results for people.

Tips for Success on Weight Watchers

·         Track the food you eat. Record your exercise, too. Use the Points Tracker and your weight loss and  maintenance is guaranteed.
·         Eat Zero Point foods, like fruits and some vegetables. You will feel satiated, and stay easily within your Points Plus daily allowance
·         Look for coupons and promotional deals in You will pay less for your Monthly Pass or Online subscription.
·         Be patient. Weight Watchers doesn't offer a temporary quick fix. You will lose weight slowly but permanently

Health is one of the most invaluable features of life and Claire realized this at an opportune time. She is one out of many people who have seen the wisdom in using your will power to address the perils of obesity. Having a healthy body boosted Claire’s self-image and gave her the confidence to socialize with people and wear whatever she wanted without being stigmatized on the basis of her looks.

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