Monday, December 2, 2013

Sanvic Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator

How many people end up with some kind of sinus funk throughout the weather changes? How many people end up trying to use a Nasal flushing system without much success? Well, I heard about this pretty amazing product called Sanvic Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator

Think about it, Allergies are something that effects millions of people worldwide. Matter of fact, it's actually allergy season here in Arizona right now. Often, I've had allergy issues that end up as sinusitis or sinus infections because I just cannot clear out my passages efficiently unless I'm taking some kind of medication... For the rest of the country, it's beginning to be cold and flu season, which means that ever constant, stuffy, runny nose with icky snot is on its' way.

This, in turn, costs billions in health care expenses due to people running to the ER for something that typically cannot be cleared up without antibiotics or anything the MD/DO can offer at the ER. Taking time and resources from others and  preventing these physicians from attending to more serious cases. Wouldn't it be nice, if there was an easier option to relieve the pain of allergies and sinus pressure without additional health care expenses?

Sanvic Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator is your answer. These days, antibiotics are over prescribed. Over 50-60% (and higher according to some estimates) of sinus infections and colds are viral, which means an antibiotic will do absolutely nothing for you, except make you think you're gettting better faster, when in fact, the viral infection is clearing on its' own. If you are truly concerned for your health, and  are worried about the constant cycle of being on antibiotics, leading to the development of completely scary antibiotic resistant infections (super bugs, like VRE and MRSA), it may be time to look for relief in more natural ways. Not only that, it's great for those on blood pressure medications that cannot take oral nasal decongestants or those with other cardiac conditions that cannot even use nasal mist decongestants.

So, let me tell you about the Sanvic Nasal irrigator:

Nasal irrigation is something that you can do at home, quickly, easily and in a sterile manner, which offers relief to many allergy and cold symptoms. This relief you achieve is similar to using medications, such as antihistamines, antibiotics and even steroid nasal sprays. Nasal Irrigation is an effective way to clear mucus and other debris from the nasal passageway and the salty water makes it easier to breath by pulling water out of your nasal passageways.

About Sanvic:
"In the wake of the ever increasing population of patients suffering from sinusitis (sinus infection) visiting our clinics, we were determined to find a better solution for them. In 2001, we began our partnership with Dr. Murray Grossan to build on his invention of pulsatile nasal irrigator. Together we re-designed and re-engineered a high quality oral irrigator to popularize the idea of pulsatile nasal irrigation amid the general consensus of continuous use of medicines, surgery, and endless suffering. Despite the adequate result of the re-designed device, we believed in the need of a better device that is designed from the ground up for nasal care."
So, I know you're wondering, HOW THE HECK DOES THIS CONTRAPTION WORK?!?

And how do you use it, you ask?
Step 1: you get some room temperature – slightly warm purified water and mix with one buffered salt packet
Step 2: Fill the left chamber to 500
Step 3: Next, place the soft tip on the handheld piece and snap it in place
Step 4: Push the grey button down to turn it on. To change the strength of your flow, you just hold it down- START SLOW, THEN INCREASE.
Step 5: Lean over the sink, tilting your head down and forward- you don't want to swallow this stuff!!! The water moves from the chamber, through the tube and out the tip, and into your nose. The idea is that it goes in one nostril and comes out the other, flushing everything out nice and clean.
Step 6: Halfway through the water, switch to other nostril, same position.
Step 7: Blow your nose to get out the boogies
Step 8: Clean out the machine per instructions

According to their site, Nasal irrigation can:
  • clean the mucus, crust and other debris from your nasal passages.
  • moisturize and decongest the nose to improve air flow. Salty water pulls fluid out of the swollen membranes of your nose, this makes breathing easier and helps open the sinus passages.
  • improve mucociliary clearance movement. It helps the nose work better and improves nasal drainage.
  • remove biofilm in chronic rhino-sinusitis to reduce the use of other medical resources (including medications or operations), and make fewer visits to physicians.
  • improve the effectiveness of the nasal steroid sprays if warm saline nasal irrigation is performed before using the steroid spray. The steroid spray will reach deeper.
Well, I definitely think this one will benefit my family during cold and flu season this year. We've already started with the colds and pneumonia, so hopefully with the Sanvic, we will be able to catch the yicky-ickies before they get bad!

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  1. This is something I would like to try. Allergies in my house are insane! Anything that could help would be welcome!

  2. Thank you for this review. I have never heard of this product before. My husband has a lot of sinus issues and I think this is worth a try!