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Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and Super Duper Publications is a great place to start!

I am not going to name any names, but it recently came to my attention that someone I am close to, that is in their early twenties cannot tell time by a standard clock. I was absolutely appalled by these, and amazed that he managed to skate by in school without knowing this. It also really made me think, and realize that I need to take a proactive roll in my little mans educations (which I do). One of the joys of being a product reviewer, is learning companies that I would not otherwise know of, and trying out fantastic products. Super Duper Publications is one of the fantastic companies I have been lucky to collaborate with, and they sent me several items for review.

MagneTalk Telling Time is a pretty neat game and activity.
Do you know what time it is? Kids learn to tell time in two different ways—first, on the traditional face clock, and then on the digital clock! Get a jump on early numbering and reading skills with the bonus "Sentence Maker" section. Use this section to match sentences to the clocks or add your own fun activities.
There are many ways that you can use this. What I preferred doing was asking him to show me on the clock what time bedtime was, and what time we did other activities throughout the day. I would then place the clock on a certain time and just asked him what time that showed. I would place numbers on the digital clock (which he knows how to read) and ask him to put that same time on the traditional clock.  I cannot say this was the most "fun" my son has ever had, but sometimes education needs to be just that- education. There is also a sentence maker section that allows you to use the words and phrases, so it teaches that as well as digital clocks and tradition clocks.  Overall, this is a great tool to teach a very important skill to your children pre-k and up!

We also received 60 Ticklin Tongue Twisters pencils. Each pencil has a tongue twister on and is a lot of fun for children to try to read or say over and over!! I plan on giving these out in goodie bags to my sons classmates for Christmas! They are very bright and colorful and write really well!

Here is a friendly turtle that wants to help your students with their smooth and easy speech—and then skate with them around a turtle track collecting Turtle Tokens™. In this innovative fluency and language game, players pick a card, answer a skill level question, roll the die, "skate" around the board, and receive Turtle Tokens™ (found inside the turtle) as they go!

We also received Turtle Talk. First off this games is super cute because it comes with an adorable plastic turtle who holds the tokens.  My son and I had a lot of fun playing this and asking him questions about different sentences and phrases. He he had an above average vocabulary since he was around 3, but some of the harder questions proved to be a little bit of a challenge for him, which I love. You can see him really giving his answer a lot of thought in the top of the collage. Turtle Talk is perfect if you have a little one struggling with speech or how to express themselves, or just one you want to improve their language skills! It makes learning really fun!!

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