Monday, March 17, 2014

Henkel: Flush to Paradise

What would you do? Imagine you have to use the restroom at the mall. You enter the stall and there is a sign saying to flush before you use the toilet. Curiosity would probably win over and I would flush, while thinking that’s weird at the same time.

Once the toilet is flushed, the walls open up to a rainforest setting with some good looking men without shirts on singing a song. I’m sure like most women, they wouldn’t even be thinking about the rainforest setting once they saw the men. Once the song is over the walls go back to their original appearance and life goes on as normal. Well, somewhat normal as if it were me I would probably be posting a pic I took during the song and put it up on my social media accounts.

Think this is farfetched and wouldn’t happen? Well I would have thought so too if I didn’t watch a video of it. This is what Henkel has done to take creativity about a bathroom product to a whole new level. The product is a cleansing foam, anti-limescale formula, dirt protector and extra freshness for your toilet.

Next time you are shopping and looking for a toilet cleaner, just imagine the Balls Dream Band singing and buy the Soft Scrub4-in-1 Toilet Care that cleans, prevents future buildup, fights toilet ring, keeps fresh up to 4 weeks and you don’t even need a brush.

Want to see more? Scan the QR code to watch the video again and an interactive app. Users can share photos with funny messages from the band members via Pinterest, facebook, twitter or even email. 

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  1. I do believe that if this happened to me I would no longer have the need to use the bathroom at that time, seriously, I use these Soft Scrub 4 in 1 toilet balls and they do work great, we live in area that gets a lot of calcium/lime build up ant these help keep my toilet sparking clean.