Friday, March 7, 2014

Six, a difficult age! Looking for "natural" solutions to help behavioral issues.

My little man is so sweet! He really has the sweetest heart of any kid I have ever met..and that is not just the mommy in me talking! However, at six we are having some issues that we have never faced before. He has been getting some reports sent home from school that he is just not focusing and when the teacher tells him to stop, he continues doing what he is doing. He is extremely smart, and even being tested for the gifted program, but he just is not listening very well. He has also began to have a really smart mouth at home. He never had an issue with either of these prior to the past couple of months.

He has always been quirky, and anyone that knows him says how lovable he is, but that he is definitely different than most children. You see, my little man is a dinosaur 90% of the time. Like for real. Roaring, the walk...he has it all down to a science. It annoys his baby brother big time, especially when baby brother is the prey.

There has been a few things happen recently in our life and they are the only things I can think of that might be causing issue with him. Shortly after Christmas, we were taking my Granny home. She had spent a few days with us in our home. Right in the car, very suddenly, my Grandmother coded. Her heart just stopped. I pulled over on the side of the road, and thankfully, being a nurse, I knew what to do and was able to perform CPR and bring her back. Little man saw it all. Sometime around then, he also started speech therapy, so he is being pulled out of class to go to a "special class." We also knew that our old dog was going to have to be put down soon (which just happened this week) so that was lingering over his head. His baby brother is now a toddler and in a very cute stage that demands lots of attention from both his family and strangers so I am sure that also makes him feel like focus is taken off of as you can see, that is a lot on my little guy.

He has always had a few "sensory" type issues, and he wears a "chewelry" type necklace to keep his hands out of his mouth and his teacher even commented that she thought he might be somewhere on the autistic spectrum, but very recently he has really started connecting with classmates and making friends so she does not think that is the case.

We have very recently started paying attention to red dyes in food, but have not completely eliminated them YET. I am also researching essential oils that could possibly help. I VERY much believe essential oils help with physical and psychological issues, so I am even considering becoming a doTERRA consultant, since there are so many wonderful blends that seem like they would benefit him.

Anyway, my question to moms who have dealt with kids that do have some sensory issues, and trouble concentrating...what did you do? I would like to avoid medicine if at all possible and would love to stick with  supplements, diet ect.... 

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