Sunday, March 9, 2014

Too Much Information by David Haskell

When I read a book, I like to get into the story and not think about anything else. I like to have my imagination take over, sort of like watching a movie.  I had the opportunity to read the book Too Much Information by David Haskell. I’m so glad I did, as I do like suspense and thrillers.

In a world overshadowed by the impendence of terrorism, with pandemics threatening an equal measure of havoc, Thermo-Magnetic Imaging machines represent a seemingly perfect solution. But as privacy and health concerns grow ever more complex, this cutting edge technology delivers more than anyone had bargained for. While the forces behind the scenes fight to conceal their true agenda, the public struggles to cope with a new paradigm so invasive their innermost secrets are laid bare under its powerful lens.
Rob Folsom is a civil liberties activist, a staunch defender of privacy rights. Rosa Perez, a government agent specializing in surveillance, seems an unlikely candidate for him to represent. As Rob is pulled into her world of high-tech spying, corporate intrigue, and black ops government agencies, he becomes caught in a perilous game of cat and mouse. As the target of interest switches from client to advocate, Rob has to find a way to stop them before they sabotage everything he has worked for”

Too Much Information starts out with a bomb on a plane. I found it funny and ironic that I was reading this on a plane heading to Florida. I think it actually made it a little more exciting that way.
I really love the title Too Much Information (TMI). I love that it’s also a play on TSA’S Thermal Magnetic Imaging.  The thermal imaging is able to tell if you sick. In the book they use that information to say if you can even fly or not.

I really love how there are many characters and you see how they view everything from a different prospective. The characters range from Rosa who works for the government, to a regular guy Rob.
It really makes you think about how much information we really are giving the government; from cell phones to scans at the airport. Even though this is set a few years in the future the story really can become a reality in real life for us. I love how it made me think about everything. Most of the time we just go along because we pretty much have to.

I really recommend you buying this book. It has a very reasonable price for the kindle from Amazon. Check it out. If you’re into thriller/drama and mystery this is definitely for you. Make sure you follow David on Twitter and facebook for updates on new novels.

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