Friday, April 18, 2014

Antimicrobial Cell Phone Protection with the Nuevue Case!

Both Katrina and I received a Nuevue case for review. I am very pleased with my case! This nifty case cleans your phone every time you slide it out. Studies have shown that 94.5% of phones contain some type of bacteria, and the Nuevue helps with that! Every Nuevue case has antimicrobial protection so your phone is cleaned every time you place it in the case and take it out.

What Paige thought:
This case is so cool, I received the light purple canvas and it is so pretty! It is a really snug fitting case, but every single time I take my phone out it is crystal clear, and so much easier to read my text and play my games. I have a six year old and one year old little boy, and they are constantly playing with my phone. I love knowing that the phone they are holding up to them does not contain harmful bacteria. The Nuevue is perfect for when I place my phone in my purse. I know that it will not fall out because the case is so snug, and my phone is kept protected from any scratches or dings that may occur.

What Katrina thought:

What do I think about the case? I think it is really cool. It is a snug fit which is perfect so you don’t have to worry about it falling out or anything. The one I received was black leather. My favorite part is that it keeps everything clean. Like Paige, I have a little one always wanting to play with it and her hands are everywhere. I wash her hands countless times a day because she’s 20 months and touches everything. I don’t think people realize just how much we touch and transfer germs. It’s a great feeling that every time I take my phone out of the case that it will be clean. I personally think that this would be perfect for anyone with an iphone . If you don’t like just black and want something a little more colorful, you can still have that. They have a ton of colors to choose from. 

You can purchase your own Nuevue case for $44.95, which is a great price for the peace of mind an antimicrobial case provides. You can also purchase an iPad case for as low as $56.99 and an iPad mini case for $49.99. Make sure you follow Nuevue on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest products. This makes the perfect Mother's or Father's Day Gift!

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  1. I had no idea that there was a product like this one until I read your review now I really want one thanks for sharing this one I am a germ freak

  2. What a great idea this is! I never knew there were cases that were antimicrobial. I have to get me one - after I go on the subway, and touch God knows what, it all ends up on my case even though I use antimicrobial wipes on my hands. This is perfect - thanks for the info! (See, you're never too old to learn something new!) : )