Sunday, April 27, 2014

We all a friend or a family member that is really hard to shop for as they have everything. Trying to think of really unique gifts are hard sometimes. Hatch is a company that helps make picking out gifts easier.  They even have things categorized to make it even better.

I recently ordered a mother’s day gift for my mom using their marketplace. It was super easy and really cool. I usually wait until I get the item to do a review, but Mother’s Day is coming soon and wanted everyone to have time to check it out. I will still be doing the review when I get the item, so keep watch for that. I can’t wait to get it.

Hatch just launched a platform called Compass. Compass is a new functionality on that allows shoppers to be prompted with ideas for customizing their favorite objects, so they don’t have to come up with the design from scratch. You shouldn't need to know how you want to customize something in order to take advantage of the benefits of customization.

Compass allows users to use Hatch in two ways: Easily refine your search for the perfect item by
narrowing down what you’d like to change about it: change the color, material, size, shape, design, or simply personalize them.

Example: Let’s say you’re searching for a thoughtful piece of jewelry for your mom,  but you know that she refuses to wear gold. Rather than limiting your search to necklaces that have already been made in a different material, Compass enables you to browse all necklaces where the maker is able to change the material to your liking. This way, if you find the perfect necklace design in gold, you know you can easily change the material to create the perfect gift she’ll wear.

Search by type of input (photo, text, location or date) to discover unexpected ways to customize an object with a photo, a favorite song lyric or book quote, or simply an inside joke between you & your best friend.

Example: Let’s say you’ve just come back from vacation and you have a photo of a really memorable experience that you want to treasure somehow, but you don’t want to put it in yet another frame and be done with it. Using Compass, Hatch can show you all the things that can be customized with your photo -- from the mundane to the unexpectedly delightful. Hatch will show you everything from pillows, portraits, and mugs to wooden sculptures or watches that can be made to treasure your photo in a unique way.

This pillow is so cute. I have something similar on my daughters wall, but this adds a clock and also the state image with city. Only $45. It would make for a really cool gift after a new mom has her baby.

This picture is only $15 and would be awesome for a kids room.

 As you can see there are different price points so that no matter what budget you are on, you can find something perfect. Go HERE for some ideas for moms.
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