Monday, April 14, 2014

Nutrisystem Week 1

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So I’m done with week 1 of Nutrisystem. This past week was their week called fast 5. The calories are very limited and most lose 5 pounds. After the first week, calories are increased and you get to add more options. The biggest question I am getting is: Did you lose 5 pounds? No, BUT I did lose 4, and 4 pounds in 1 week is still really good.

I love that there are counselors available anytime I need if my specific one isn’t. I am able to email her any questions. I already have and she was so quick to respond. You are also able to track your food, water and exercise on their site. Another great feature is you can talk to people who are at the same starting point you are so you don’t feel alone in the journey. There is always someone to talk to and help along the way. 

Before this week I always struggled to get enough water in. Completely my fault as I didn’t make it a priority. I really have done well on it now and I am very proud that I have stuck to the diet completely and done exactly what they say except for one thing. The only thing I couldn’t do is exercise but that’s because I have a medical condition and am waiting for a hip replacement. However, I should be able to start my aquatic therapy this week so that should help with the weight loss as well. Even though calories are limited this week, I found that the amount of food was just fine. I didn’t feel like I needed more.

Here is a look at what I was eating this past week:

Here is an idea of what is now going to happen with food and you can tell they add a lot more. Power fuels are high in protein and a smart carb is a healthy carb like fruit. They provided a large list of options to choose from for power fuels, smart carbs, and vegetables.  If I’m still hungry I can eat non-starchy veggies throughout the day.

Breakfast: Their item along with a power fuel like cheese or 1 egg… 
Snack: power fuel
Lunch: their lunch with a smart carb like fruit
Snack: power fuel and smart carb
Dinner: their meal
Dessert: their dessert

I’m looking forward this next week. I also hope that I have the will and strength to stay on track. Talk to you guys next week
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  1. My mom had a good success with NutriSystem! Good luck on your journey!

  2. I have always wanted to try nutrisystem but with a husband and five year old it made no sense to me to pay money for food only I would eat :( I am eagerly watching your journey with this! Good luck!