Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bed Buddy

I have talked about essential oils before, but I haven’t talked about them on other products. Carex contacted me to try out their Bed Buddy line that is fragranced with essential oils to help with relaxation. I was very happy about trying them out. They sent me 3 things to try, a relaxation mask, a comfort wrap and foot warmers.

Apparently I never got the memo about these products. I was talking to a friend of mine about them, and she raved about them, that she loves to wear them. That made me even more excited to try them. I really wish I knew about these long time ago.

The first thing I received was the Relaxation Mask in Lavender.  You can use it for heat therapy and also for cool therapy.  Simply put in the microwave for 15 seconds up to a maximum time of 1 min 15 seconds. Please test the mask before putting it on your face. The heat can help release sinus tension or headaches. If you want to use the cold portion, put it in the freezer. Just a warning thought, it will need to be in there for a while up to 8 hours. It is recommended to only have on you for 20 minutes. The cold can help with puffy eyes and reduce swelling.  Also do not use the warm part on your eyes.

The second item I received was the Comfort Wrap in Lavender Rose.  The instructions for the Comfort Wrap are the same as the Relaxation mask when it comes to heating and freezing. It is reusable and also is filled with 100% natural grains.  When using the heat it can help with aching joints caused by arthritis. I have arthritis in my hips so, I was very excited to try this one out. You can really use this anywhere on you which is really nice.

Lastly I received the Foot Warmers in Lavender & Mint. Warm and cool same as the mask and wrap. This one I never really thought of but it really is a cool idea to have something for your feet. Warming them up can help reduce pain and tension or simply to warm your feet on a cold night (we have a lot of those here). Use the cold part to reduce swollen feet. These also are reusable and are filled with 100% natural grains.

Cleaning is super easy on all of them, just spot clean with a damp cloth and dry before using.

I really love the fact that all the products are reusable and serve many functions. They would make a great present any time of the year, or just a gift to you. Pricing on them is not bad at all, considering they last a long time. The Mask is $10.49, the wrap is $13.99, and the foot warmers are $19.99. I think they are well worth the price. I will be using them all a lot especially the wrap for my hip and the mask for headaches.

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  1. Those products sound so nice. I would love to try the comfort wrap.

  2. I could really use the Relaxation Mask. I get horrible headaches and this might give me some relief!

  3. I like all of these awesome products. I think that they are so soothing to use after a long day at work. I like the lavender mask. I need to get it!

  4. I would love to have these items. We have been sick lately with the flu and my husband took a big fall with broken facial bones, nose and jaw. These would have been nice to have!!! Great review and I will look into these soon!!

  5. All of these sound really nice. The foot warmers sound very interesting. The feeling of lavender and mint on your feet sounds refreshing after a nice warm shower.