Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hatch Unique gifts

A few weeks ago I told you guys about a company called Hatch. I couldn’t share what I was getting at the time as there was a chance my mom would look and then see her present. In case you didn’t see the post then. I will talk a little about it again then get to the awesome product.

Hatch is like a big marketplace where people can showcase their products and you can personalize them. There are so many options from pillows to art to jewelry. You get to work with the vendor directly and ask questions and make modifications. They also just rolled out a new feature called Compass. Compass allows users to use Hatch in two ways: Easily refine your search for the perfect item by narrowing down what you’d like to change about it: change the color, material, size, shape, design, or simply personalize them.

Example: Let’s say you’re searching for a thoughtful piece of jewelry for your mom,  but you know that she refuses to wear gold. Rather than limiting your search to necklaces that have already been made in a different material, Compass enables you to browse all necklaces where the maker is able to change the material to your liking. This way, if you find the perfect necklace design in gold, you know you can easily change the material to create the perfect gift she’ll wear.

Search by type of input (photo, text, location or date) to discover unexpected ways to customize an object with a photo, a favorite song lyric or book quote, or simply an inside joke between you & your best friend.

After looking through options, I came across a custom family recipe plate made by Art Smith. The vender will take any recipe and put it on the plate for you. The recipe I chose was my mom’s Italian chicken. All us kids loved it. I had her write the recipe out on a card. Then I scanned it and included it in my order. The plate is 12” but if you talk with her you can get different sizes.

My plate was shipped to me in about 2 weeks and was here in time for Mother’s Day. I couldn’t wait to give it to her and was hoping she would really like it. She loved it, and couldn’t wait to put in on display at her house.

It really is a simple idea, but so unique. It really is a one of a kind. Sure people can copy the recipe and such, but the one I ordered, with my mom’s handwriting will be one of a kind. You can use the plate in the oven if you need to but Art Smith does recommend to hand wash it. I think this would be a perfect gift for parents, grandparents. The price of the plate and shipping was $53. It may be a bit high priced for an everyday gift, but I think it’s a great price point for a birthday or Christmas present.

I know I will be looking at Hatch later this year. I just love all the things they have and everything is unique.

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  1. What a unique gift! We have lots of family recipes that I'd love to pass down like this to my daughters!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review. I'm so happy the gift is loved!

  3. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!