Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shark Rocket: Review and giveaway

I may have an unnatural obsession...with vacuums. It's a household task I do not mind at all. In fact, I enjoy it. There is just something zen about those beautiful carpet lines that a freshly vacuumed floor has that takes me to my happy place.
Vacuums on the other hand...there is a thin line between love and hate.

Sometime in the last 7 years or so, I sorta became a clean freak. Not Howie Mandel germ phobic, but to the point where messes give me anxiety. It's both a blessing and a curse.
Well, since I became a mother, it's only intensified. When my guys were in their tummy time/crawling stages, it was not uncommon for me to vacuum three times a day. And in these five years, I have gone through more vacuums than I can count. Seriously, I went through three vacuums of one brand within a 90 day period before I finally got fed up and tried another brand.
I won't even bother listing the names of the vacuums I've tried and been disappointed with. You really one need to know one name- the name of the vacuum that has restored my faith in the tool as a whole; the Shark Rocket!


Is it possible to fall in love with a household appliance? I think yes. 
Here is Little C when he was about 18 months. He was obsessed with vacuums. He had a little toy vacuum my brother gave him- he went everywhere with it. We foolishly forgot it on a trip and had to stop in Toys r Us to find him another one. He was inconsolable otherwise.The vacuum obsession is hereditary.

I had to fight Little D to get to the vacuum first!
When you spend as much time on the floor as I do, you need to have some kind of reassurance that what you are rolling and crawling around on, is some what clean. But I was always disappointed when I'd notice bits of derbies on the floor after I vacuumed. I was almost to the point of purchasing one of those super expensive vacuums. You know, the one that is about as much as my whole monthly food budget?? Yeah, that one. But thankfully, one of my friends told me about his Shark vacuum. He is also a vacuum enthusiast so of course I took his suggestion seriously. Oh, and he has one of that budget buster vacuums. He swears he likes his Shark better.

Every one of my old vacuums left me wanting.
Wanting better suction. Wanting a longer cord. Wanting more power. Wanting better attachments. Wanting a better design. 
The Shark Rocket? Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. And then some. 
Rocket Technology

Shark® re-engineered the full-size vacuum, focusing on the high-performance essentials and trimming away every unnecessary ounce to give you the ultimate in vacuuming versatility without sacrificing performance.

Look at that sleek beauty.
 Cleaning Power Without
  • Leaner and lighter
  • Full power
  • Deep cleans carpets and rugs
  • Cleans bare floors
  • Extra long 32' cord
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Swivel steering
  • No loss of power or suction
It has a 32' cord!!
Firstly, the power of this thing? Wow. It pulls itself forward! It glides easily and swivels around. I can vacuum almost my entire house without unplugging it and replugging it into another outlet! It has two settings, one for bare floors and delicate rugs and the second for carpets.

The hand-held power house is the vacuum. The floor and attachments plug into that. And the attachments...ahhh the attachments. *wistful sigh* I have a sunken living room so of course all the
The crevice tool was excellent to go around the base of my living room
dirt and mess gets in the corners and crevices. With my old vacuums, when I used the attachments I'd have to tug the whole heavy body of the vacuum around like a stubborn dog on a short leash. And for whatever stupid reason, the place where the hose usually attached? - It would just blow the trash and dust back into the room!!! Umm what were vacuum engineers thinking?? It sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Well, with the design of the Shark Rocket, you plug the attachments right into the hand held vacuum. That means it doesn't have to travel through the long hose and lose suction in the process and it doesn't blow the mess back into the house. It was so easy to use, I actually carried it around the house looking for corners and hidden places that needed vacuuming. I didn't have to lug it around behind me. I held the power! It was lovely. I vacuumed corners of the ceilings, and busted out the dusting brush attachment to do the window sills, tops of get the idea. From floor to ceiling. Those dust bunnies didn't stand a chance! I was even sorta sad I had dusted the ceiling fans and ac vents a couple days before.
When I opened the box, I was worried it would be a difficult assembly. But just two clicks and it was together! It come with a handy mount to hang it away in your broom closet.

Since the vacuum isn't housed inside a large body, it can fit under beds and tables easily too. With my old vacuums, I'd get just as much debris in the canister as the last time. That told me that it really wasn't cleaning my carpets like it should have the first time. But with my Lovely Shark Rocket, there was less in the canister than the first time. And speaking of canisters, getting my other canisters emptied and cleaned were a pain. I had to try to shove my fingers up and around to get the hair that would get wrapped around it. When you empty the canister of the Shark Rocket, it all opens up so I can make sure it's fully emptied. It has a filter that is easy to get to and you just rinse it off once a month to keep your vacuum sucking!

I haven't had time to fully appreciate all the Shark Rocket has to offer and as I look this review over, I realize it is lengthy. After all, the average person probably doesn't get as passionate about their vacuum as I do and probably doesn't give it as much thought as all this...the good news is, with the Shark Rocket you won't have to put too much thought into it nor will you  have to blow your family's budget on it.
And...wait for it...You can enter to win your very own Shark Rocket!! Whhaa? Yup!

Ahhh beautiful vacuum lines.

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  1. mu vacuum obsession consists of getting into the corners like mad!

  2. I have vacuuming and whenever I can I try to get my husband to do it. I get so frustrated with vacuum cleaners.

  3. I entered the Maple Syrup and Honey giveaway.

  4. I don't have an obsession. I just like them to work when I turn them on.

  5. I entered to win the Explorer Koko DVD and Frostini train. I am hoping to be able to surprise my grandson with it. I am crossing my fingers. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  6. I do not think I have an obsession over my vacuuming but I do get a lot of satisfaction when my vacuum lines are evenly spaced. It looks so much neater.

  7. Not overly obsessive, as I have had the same one for over 13 years. But it is beginning to need more an more work to keep it runnning. So it is time to being a search.


  9. I just would like a new one. I have been looking at the Shark brand. Ours is very old and has some problems. Cheryl Abdelnour

  10. I'm really into using all the attachments to get into every nook and cranny!

  11. I absolutely hate vacuuming so I'm obsessed with finding a cleaner that does the job quick and efficiently so I won't have to do it for awhile.

  12. I have 5 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog and a chinchilla living here in the Desert (full on dirt backyard) Most of us have allergies so I have to have a vacuum that not only rocks at suction but has washable filters. I am obsessed with emptying the teenager not so much LOL

  13. We had to buy a cheap vacuum since ours just died and it clogs all the time! it is frustrating because we have kids and animal hair so I am obsessed with having one that does not clog easily.

  14. We live in the desert and it's really dusty here,there is 4 adults and 3 dogs. I get tired of vacuuming the same spot and hope it is clean. My Mother has breathing problems and my vacuum is old and doesn't pick up the way it should and does a bad job in corners and along the edges of furniture. I also just found out I have allergies.

  15. I vacuum the house at least once a day. It's amazing how little fingers can find "treasures" on the floor that go straight for their mouth. Yuck!

  16. I'm obssessed with getting the tile floors clean. I hate seeing all the little bits of stuff (not as noticeable on carpet!).

  17. I have an old dirt devil that has been crazy glued back together. lol I have lots of animals in the house so I need a good vacuum!

  18. I love vacuums. I am always breaking them though. I have 5 animals and it used to be 6 and it is important to maintain the floors. I hate it when they stop working as well as they should and you know there is going to be problems. I live at this time in a woodsy area and needles from the trees are constantly coming in especially with all the animals. Rita Spratlen

  19. I neeed one! We currently have a cheapo one.

  20. Nothing is nicer than a freshly vacuumed floor. We have a dog and a cat so I need to vacuum a lot.

  21. With kids crawling around and pets I am obsessed with vacuuming daily, right now my vacuum is broken and I am going nuts :(

  22. No obsession, I truly hate to vacuume because i always own the crappiest vacummes ever , but my mom has a obsession with vaccummes , she loves heres . thank you

  23. my vacuum obsession is dusting - especially books. My husband and I both come from long lines of bibliophiles. One thing that can age and damage books is letting dirt/pollen/dust sit on them too long. so, abut twice a year I take a horse-hair brush and go around the page edges of every single book and dust the shelves. Sounds a bit OCD, and I guess it is a bit, but it really has helped books last and majorly helps reduce allergies. unfortunately my vacuum broke so I haven't been able to really deeply dust for about 6 months (we have wood and tile floors so that hasn't been an issue, but dusting with a cloth or even a swiffer just isn't the same).
    me_juliet AT hotmail DOT com