Monday, June 2, 2014

BANa Rehydration Water Giveaway

Summer is here, which means playing outside in the hot sun. It is very easy to get dehydrated especially children and myself as a bariatric patient. I was contacted by BANa to try their drink, and since it’s getting warmer and warmer out, it was perfect timing.

I have never heard of BANa dinks before until they contacted me. I went to their site to see exactly what it is and how it can help you. “Despite the fact that dehydration is 100% preventable, it is one of the most frequently diagnosed and treated concerns in emergency rooms. You see, water is one of the body’s most important nutrients. Not only does it make up more than half of our bodies, but also is responsible for regulating body temperature and helping our body with waste removal, oxygen distribution and organ function. Normal daily activities alone typically result in the loss of 10 cups of fluid. Increased physical activity and illness place an even greater strain on the body’s water supply. Failure to supply the body with the water it needs causes dehydration, resulting in everything from loss of energy and lethargy to constipation and muscle cramping.

Great info on BANa:

·         in addition to replacing the sodium lost in perspiration, the presence of sodium in a hydration beverage stimulates thirst, which leads to more fluid consumption and more efficient rehydration.

·         since water cannot replace the minerals lost during exercise-induced sweating, it is advisable to consume a supplement which contains electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and calcium before and after strenuous exercise.

·         to help prevent dehydration, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children with diarrhea be given a commercial rehydration fluid within four to six hours after an episode.
·         alcohol causes the loss of sodium and water in the kidneys, and is therefore a major contributing factor in dehydration.

·         even low levels of dehydration have physiological consequences, including reduced performance and impaired judgment time, concentration and decision-making.

Who should drink BANa? Pretty much anyone can get benefits from BANa. BANa can help anyone from a sick child to pregnancy to even a hangover. I will be honest, the first few sips I took, and I didn’t like it. I still drank more to give it a real trial. After a few sips I really liked it. I had my family try it as well, and they really like it.

Pricing from their website is obviously higher than just bottled water, but you are getting more benefits. My kids are very active in the summer and I really like the fact that they have a version for kids. You can also find it at Whole Foods, Wallgreens, Piggly Wiggly.
BANa is giving 1 lucky winner their case of BANa Adult, BANa Kids and a t-shirt. Please use the Giveaway tools below for your chance to win.

Giveaway runs from 6/2 to 6/16 at 9pm CST
Chances of winning depend on entries received.
Open to US residents18 years and older
Prize Valued at $60
Winner entry will be verified
Winner has 48 hours to reply to this notification email or another winner will be selected

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  1. I love how it hydrates and replenishes electrolytes without all of the sugar!

  2. I like how it capitalizes on the scientifically proven hydrating property of sodium

  3. BANa replenishes the body with other electrolytes, such as potassium, chloride and bicarbonate, which are all essential for the normal function of cells and organs.

  4. It is perfect for me, I love to workout and this would give me the much needed rehydration.

  5. I like how there are adult and kid drinks. I feel like I could benefit from BANa because I do work out often, but sometimes forget to hydrate as much as I should.

  6. I like the fact that BANa not only works to replace the liquids your body’s lost, but also helps your body retain those liquids. This is important while working out in the hot summer heat.

  7. I like that this rehydrates you without all the calories and sugar you'd find in other drinks. It's interesting that it's modeled after saline IVs you'd get in the hospital.

  8. They seem to be a company that cares.Thanks For the information.

  9. This seems like a great thing to have when it is hot and you are sweating and for when you are sick. This would be good to have around like gatorade etc. Pedialyte etc. Rita Spratlen

  10. I entered ABC mouse! Rita Spratlen

  11. I like that they have a kids version.

  12. It's hydration qualities

  13. I like that BANa helps your body retain the liquids your body lost.

  14. I like that it replenishes you with potassium and it doesn't have all the calories and sugar.
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  15. I love that they are kid friendly and a company I would trust. Bana hydrates and doesn't have all the sugar Gaterade has!

  16. I like that it's sweetened with stevia.

  17. I like how BANa is ideal for those with suffering from vomiting, diarrhea or flu-like symptoms.& safe for expectant mothers and is a good choice to reduce the swelling , this is very interesting thank you for sharing