Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Because I said So Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive an incredibly funny book called, "Because I said So, Life in Mommy Zone." I chuckeled all the way through the book and found it very real, very humorous, but not over the top! 

“But whyyyy?”

“Because I said so.”

It’s the answer that rolls off the tongues of mamas from all over. In Because I Said So, veteran mama Annie Oeth tells of the worries, laughter and sheer terror of being a mother. Trips to the emergency room, college graduations and the dangerous combination of teenagers and fireworks are all fair game in this romp through southern motherhood. Spilling the (jelly)beans on Easter egg hunts, Santa Claus and frogs in mailboxes, Annie Oeth writes of life, love and raising children while hanging on to her sense of humor.

From stories of laughter to tales of tears shed, she remembers her own growing-up years in small-town Mississippi, her parents’ 44-year romance and her own children’s travels on their way to adulthood, crafting stories that will touch hearts and funny bones.

Anyone who’s ever rocked a baby, worried over a teenager or seen family game night degenerate into a knock-down, drag-out can relate to these life lessons, straight from The Mom Zone.

Mamas are tender-hearted, but don’t mistake their kindness for an absence of backbone. In these stories, the love, strength, humor and super powers of mothers are hailed for the wonders that they are. Whether you’re a mama to sons who have an affection for reptiles and bottle rockets or a daughter who thinks you’re wrong just when you’ve figured out your own mother was right, you’ll love yourself, your kids and your life more after this read.


“Because I Said So.”

My Thoughts: 
I have read other Mommy books, but while funny, you have serious doubts that some of the stuff ever happened. It is just over the top, and not REAL. Because I said So is REAL and also funny. My favorite part was reading about painting your nails on your way to work so that they can dry on the expressway. I had literally JUST DONE that the day before. In fact, my mom who was keeping my boys came out to tell me something, and caught me painting them! Any type of mother, those married, those single or those that are widowed like Annie Oath herself, will appreciate this light hearted book! It is fun, light reading and I enjoyed reading it while lying by the pool on vacation last week! The chapters are short enough that I read a few in the bathtub too! Because I Said So is a definite read for any mommy in your life and makes a great gift for the new of expecting mommy too! You can download it on your kindle for just $4.95! 

Because I Said So: Life in the Mom Zone, by Annie Oeth, was published April 2014 and is available for sale on Amazon: 
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  1. This sounds like a cute book. I will keep it in mind for a present in the future too. Thanks for the neat review. I would never of heard of the book if it wasn't for you. Rita Spratlen