Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bheestie dries your wet electronics

What is one of the worst things you can think of to happen to your cell phone or electronics besides getting lost/stolen? If you said drop in water, I agree. Personally I haven’t dropped it in the sink or anything (yet) but i have had friends and family that have. Bheestie asked for me to take a look at their product. After doing so, i thought it was a great idea especially to have on hand.

What is Bheestie?

Bheestie products provide the fastest, most effective results with no messy residue. There are home remedies, but do you really want your devices covered in dusty cat litter or sticky food film? The crevices of your devices will never be the same. Bheestie works fast- up to 7 times faster than home remedies, and with wet electronics, the faster the better.

You can use the Bheestie on any personal electronic device from expensive headphones, to GPS devices to your cell phone.

How do you use the Bheestie Bag?

  1. Try to use the Bheestie bag ASAP after it was immersed in water.
  2. Turn off the device immediately and do not turn it back on until you complete steps 2-5
  3. Dry any visible water with a clean towel. Use a microfiber cloth on lenses, monitors, or other surfaces that can scratch easily.
  4. Remove the batter if you can access it. If you can’t, leave battery in the device
  5. Drop the device in the Bheestie Bag and reseal the bag. DO NOT remove the beads from the interior perforated packed
  6. No peeking! wait 12-24 hours. For extreme water exposure, Bheestie recommends waiting 24-36 hours.
  7. Turn on the device, you may need to recharge the device to use it.

When I was looking at it i thought that the bags are a one time use only. That’s not the case. They can be used up to one year as long as the blue beads stay blue and you keep the bag sealed. You need to replace the bag when the blue beads turn grey. The more moisture that is absorbed will affect how soon you have to replace the bag.

Bheestie has different sizes for different electronics, and to me is worth the price. Check them out today. It’s a great product that you should keep on hand for the just in case.

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  1. This is a genius product! Everyone I know has dropped their phone in water at least once in their life.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I wish I had this about a year ago. I had a macbook which got coffee poured on it. They wanted over 800.00 to fix it. I just got another one. I couldn't charge it up to see if it worked. I wish I would have had this. I am going to look for this for sure. Thanks so much for the wonderful information!!!! Rita Spratlen In fact a big hug sent your way!!

  3. I love it! Now this is a really great idea! Everyone needs it!