Friday, June 6, 2014

Native Remedies

When I am pregnant I try to stay away from any kind of medicine if at all possible.  In the beginning of this pregnancy I had some pretty awful morning sickness that just would not quit.  I tried the saltines, ginger ale, peppermint, etc.  Nothing really helped.  I tried to stick to all natural remedies, so when I was sent the Good Morning Mama from Native Remedies, I was so thankful to have something more to try out!  

I kept a bottle in my car because I was usually the sickest while driving my kiddos to school in the mornings.  It kept me from getting sick while sitting in car line many times!  The one thing I loved about this remedy is that the small granules actually tasted pleasant.  I would just sprinkle a little in my mouth and let them dissolve on my tongue and in just a few minutes I was feeling much better.  I was able to use these at any time during the day when my nausea hit.  It made my first trimester much easier to get through.  

I was also sent Stretch Easy Formula to try out.  Since this is not my first pregnancy, I am already covered in stretch marks from my other 2 boys.  But I have been taking this stuff religiously and so far I have not noticed any *new* stretch marks! So I am very pleased with this! Just like the Good Morning Mama, this was very easy to take as the tablets tasted pretty good.  I am always nervous trying some things like this because I have a very sensitive gag reflex.  But I had no problem whatsoever with any of the supplements I have tried from Native Remedies.  

I also have a bottle of Birth Heal, this is to help alleviate pains after childbirth.  Since I have not gotten to actually use this one out I will just give you some information on it.  The Birth Heal: 
  • Reduces post-birth pain, swelling, bruising, soreness and other physical trauma
  • Relieves sensitivity and afterpains for improved comfort
  • Promotes tightening of skin tissue and muscles after labor
  • Supports quick return to pre-pregnancy conditions
  • Encourages reproductive health (uterus, birth canal & perineum
Just like the other supplements, you just dissolve or chew the tablets.  You should take 2 tablets 2 hours after childbirth and then take 4 tablets 3 times a day for 5 days.  
I was very satisfied with all aspects of the supplements that I have tried from Natural Remedies! I look forward to trying others in the future!  

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  1. I will definatly have to check these out when we have #2!!! I didnt have morning sickness as much as getting nausous with cooking food (def in the microwave for whatever reason). The stretch mark one...yes please!!! I have a million from our son and I dont really want to add to them lol I had a c-section and most likely will need/want one for our second and last because of all the scar tissue from surgery for a fistula. Do you think that it would help with that also or just a vaginal birth? Anyway...I am going to pin this so that I remember these products because I love homeopathic remedies (FDA approved).