Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seventh Generation Diapers

I get asked all the time what diapers we use. I usually give the same response to everyone which is; it depends. We use one for daytime and one for nighttime. Honestly we have used many types. I am lucky that I don’t have children that react poorly to disposable diapers. I can do pretty much any brand during the day. So when Seventh Generation asked if I wanted to try theirs, I took them up on their offer.

I had heard of Seventh Generation before but I hadn’t used them myself. I was excited to try them out (on my toddler of course). We were sent 1 box of diapers and 1 pack of wipes. Luckily for us they were delivered right before Fallon needed a changing. Shortly after we figured we might as well try them out now since they are here.

I was a little surprised that they were all one color; light brown.  It really doesn't matter what color a diaper is or what silly character is on it, it's how well it holds in pee and poop. It's kind of funny how accustom we are to certain things. 

The fit was great. Fallon was still able to move around. It wasn’t overly thing or overly bulky. Plus she seemed comfortable moving around in them. She is in the middle of potty training right now, so we had to pull them down a few times and pull them back up. They didn’t tear or anything during that process. We have found that some diapers are difficult

Since she is potty training we don’t have to change the diaper as often. At one point it was starting to look like she had gone a few times as it was looking big and sagging. I was surprised a little when I went to take it off and there really wasn’t much there, just looked like it. I would rather that be the case rather than not looking like much and she really needed a change.

Like I said above, I received a pack of wipes as well. I know sometimes we have to use a ton of wipes for just one diaper change, and to say the least it’s annoying. I feel like I’m using way to many of them. With Seventh Generation wipes, they are a little smaller but a lot tougher so I don’t have to use a ton, just a couple will do the trick. The wipes cost a little more than store brands and such, but if you’re not using as many than the price equals out and you are getting a better quality product (plus free and clear) for the same price.

You can find seventh Generation at most big retailers like Walmart, buybuyBaby, and so forth.

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  1. This is a good review of the seventh generation diapers. Have never tried them before, but would like to.