Monday, June 16, 2014

TLC Influenster VoxBox

I love getting a VoxBox from influenster. It’s nice because I don’t know what I’m getting; it’s like a mini Christmas present. This month the topic is TLC. I got a box full of goodies that are great to throw in your purse to use on the go.

Avon Anew Reversalist:  ok who has wrinkles? I will be the first to raise my hand, but I will do it slowly and hope nobody notices. I just turned 30 and feel I’m too young for wrinkles, but alas I still have them.  You only need a little bit and you PAT it on your wrinkles and not rub it in. It will reduce the look of wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet and eye area. I think it’s a great product and is small enough to throw into your purse. No mirror per say but the container has a mirror like top so you can always use that if you need. At $26 you get a lot for your money as you really only use a little bit, so it will last a long time.

Puffs: we all need tissues whether it be for a cold, clean something up or for drying your tears at a movie.  Who wants tissues that is rough and doesn’t feel well? Puffs have solved that problem with their plus lotion tissue.  I love having tissues with me, it seems that when I don’t is when I really need them the most. For only a few dollars you can get a full pack so you can put a pack everywhere.

Neosporin: Ever get a cut and need something but don’t have it? Neo to Go is perfect. It’s small so you don’t have a huge tube in your purse.  Perfect for a cut for you, your child or a friends child. All you do is press down on the yellow trigger until the mist is released and you’re done. I have only had it in my purse for a few days and I have already had to use it.

Shell fuel rewards:  I hate how high gas is right now. I use a coupon or a gas card when I can but it’s not always possible and usually I have to use a credit card to really get anything. Shell has a FREE rewards card. You don’t need to use their credit card to get savings. Just visit their site, sign up and request a card. For gas you can get 3 cents off a gallon. Doesn’t sound like much but every penny adds up. You can also get more if you buy specially marked convenience store products, dine at participating restaurants or shop through their online mall. Even if you only use it for gas it’s worth it, since it’s FREE.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences: Ok you can’t really throw this in your purse but you can sit back at home and enjoy some good Gelato. I had never had gelato before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was given a coupon to go buy it since well it’s ice cream so it’s a little harder to mail. Luckily you can find it at pretty much all grocery stores. I of course chose the triple chocolate since I am a huge chocolate fan. I was really surprised on how rich and good it was. I will definitely be buying more and more of this. I only eat a little at a time so I can enjoy it more often. It was perfect in the little sugar cone.

Ivory: Now this last item you can’t really just throw in your purse. Well you can, but after the first use it may get difficult. I’m not a big soap bar type of person but I wanted to try it in order to give it a fair trial. I actually liked it. It didn’t leave the residue like others have. I honestly don’t know if I will buy more, but it’s always possible. I really did like how it smelled though, nice and fresh. 

Overall I loved everything, especially the gelato, but that's not surprising since I like most women LOVE chocolate. 

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  1. Very great things to have in your purse. I just signed up for the gas rewards. The gas prices just keep going up too. I have to figure out what to do with it and I love that it is free too. The list is great and thanks for the tips. Rita Spratlen

  2. What a lot of nice items you received. Many of them I would use myself. What a neat program this is. Who wouldn't want to try out products. I sure would.

  3. What Fun~to receive all the great things every month.Two things that I would like
    are the Puffs lotion and the Avon Anew.

  4. These look like great products! I like that is is suprise every month.