Wednesday, July 30, 2014

fun with duct tape

When I think of duct tape I think of fixing something around the house (seriously who doesn’t?) or not having regular tape to put something up on the door or where ever. When Mya thinks of duct tape she thinks of fun things she can make. Funny how generations are so different. Scotch reached out to see if we wanted to try out their patterned tape for designs. I knew Mya would love to so I of course said yes.

We (ok Mya) were sent 8 different patterns to try. My didn’t know where to start or what to make. So she looked through different projects on their website and also online and decided to make a flower. She used 2 different colors and put it on a pen. I think it is super cute. She even made one with one of my friend’s daughter.

There are so many things that she can do with the tape and there are so many options from solid colors to cupcakes and other designs.  

One thing Mya noticed that unlike regular duct tape, these are easier to tear and a lot cuter than just gray. To quote Mya “it’s fun to play with. I want to make a fish, plane and a wallet next.” You are probably thinking that she is pretty random, you are right.

If you have a child that loves making things or even spicing up their notebooks/folders, then I would buy them some of the duct tape rolls. They are only a few dollars a piece so you can buy a few for the kids to enjoy.

You can find the specialized duct tapes in most office supply stores. Check out their site to find locations near you.  

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  1. Que bueno que Scotch hayan sacado la cinta de colores, asi los niƱos se motivan mas a hacer sus manualidades y le quedaran mas lindas y coloridas!

  2. I love all the fun color and designs that Scotch has come up with. Great for art or wrapping birthday presents!

  3. I am amazed at what can be done with duct tape. The flower is very nice looking.

  4. So neat to see all the colors and art that can be done with Duct Tape I love it I wish we had these colors when I was younger seem like so many fun ideas..

  5. My Grandboy Joshua has been using duct tape since he was 3, making paper monsters and planes and the like. But the colored and patterned duct tape makes for so many more good ideas that I am afraid to buy him any, I already don't have room for all the sculptures!

  6. These look like they would be so fun to make!