Saturday, July 12, 2014

High Protein snacks

Protein is something that I need in my diet big time. The more protein I eat, the better. I like to try new foods out once in awhile especially when it comes to snacks. Here are a few that I recently tried.

I learned something new, that beets are a good source of protein. Now some of you may have already known that, but well I didn’t. I had never actually tried beets before so when Love Beets contacted me, I figured well, why not, good time as any to try them.

They sent me a large variety of their products. I didn’t know what to expect so myself and my friend Anna tried the Baby Beets infused with honey & ginger. While myself and Anna didn’t like them, that doesn’t mean they weren’t good. I told my mom that we had them and she was so excited. She came over and had some right away and was in love. It just goes to show, what one person doesn’t like with food, someone else will love. I’m glad my mom liked them. Love Beets has a ton of options to choose from and even drinks. check their site out and where they sell them near you.

I have had pork rinds in the past and didn’t think much of them. I had the opportunity to try out Rudolph’s pork rinds.

Fallon saw the bag and wanted to try them right away, so to be nice I started with the original. She really liked them. I had to sneak a few to try for myself otherwise it seemed like she was going to eat the whole bag. Luckily she didn’t really like the other flavors, and said “hot” she’s about to turn 2 so I’m not really surprised. Plus that gave more for me to eat.

I know some people think the original ones lack flavor but I don’t think so. The Hot & Spicy are actually my favorite a little to my surprise. They have a little kick but not to much. My second favorite would then be the Bold & Spicy BBQ. I pretty much like anything with BBQ flavor. I don’t know why, I just really love BBQ.

I didn’t know that they have as much protein than they do. Each serving has 8 grams of protein, that’s a lot.  These are really awesome snacks for around the house or even for in the car for a road trip. I know my local Walmart has them, but you can visit their site to see what stores near you keep them stocked.

I have never tried indian food before but I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to from Tandoor Chef. I had never seen the product in my local stores so I had to go online to see where a store was close to me. Luckily there was in a nearby city.

Tandoor Chef has a ton of options, but the store close to me only had a few of the Naan Bread items. I was a little bummed but still excited that I could try something. We got the original Naan bread and the garlic Naan.

They come frozen so you don’t have to worry about eating right away. You just bake per the directions on the box and enjoy, it’s really that easy.The garlic naan was made with garlic slices and coriander, hand-stretched and baked in a traditional Tandoor oven. I put a little butter on it right from the oven and enjoyed. It was so good. I can imagine it would go perfect with soup.

For bread 4g of protein is actually pretty good as most have hardly any protein at all unless you add something to it of course.

Who doesn’t like trail mix right? How about throwing all the really good parts of the trail mix and put it into a bar? That would be so much easier to eat. Taste of Nature did just that. While doing so they went the extra step and is 100% certified organic, Non-GMO project certified AND Gluten free. I was sent a few to try out.

The cranberry bar was my favorite. A little sticky but oh so good.It’s so nice having one of my children eat just about anything. With the Trail bars I did have to tear around some of the larger nuts as there is too much of a risk of choking when it comes to Fallon as she will be tuning 2 in less than a week.

They have a ton of bar flavorings to pretty much have something for everyone. Plus I really think it’s awesome that they are gluten free so that even more people can try them. Unfortunately they aren’t sold everywhere but the great thing is that you can order them online. One thing that Taste of Nature mentions is that if your store doesn’t have it you can ask management to stock it. I know that I have asked before and they have done it or they just order some for me. I am lucky and have a really cool grocery store to do that for me.

This is a great snack to throw in the purse for on the go for yourself or the kids.  

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