Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lithium Coin Battery Safety

If you have kids, you know that at one time or another they will put just about anything in their mouth. I have 2 kids ages 11 and almost 2. There is such a time gap between them that I almost forgot everything. I was quickly reminded when Fallon started to grab for everything. One of the things that kids grab are batteries, and they can be very dangerous. Duracell asked that I share some of their information with you.

Batteries are in everything these days not just kids toys. Lithium batteries can cause serious injuries and possibly death. Where do you keep your spare batteries? I know that we have a drawer in a kitchen that has misc items including batteries. After this, batteries are no longer going into that drawer.

Common devices that have coin batteries are:

  • Garage door openers
  • Medical Devices
  • Remote controls
  • Greeting cards with sound

You can help secure the devices by keeping them out of your child’s reach. Also secure the battery compartments by using tools or tape. One thing I never thought of was putting tape over the coin batteries before throwing them away.

Please look at the infographic and store the number in your phone just in case something happens. A couple min precaution could make a difference.

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  1. You are right...they will try and put anything into their mouth that they can put their hands on. Batteries included so this is valuable, possibly life saving information. The coin batteries could be a huge choking hazard too.

  2. What an informative post. Wish every Mom and Dad could see this. It is an easily prevented accident.

  3. These are great safety suggestions and a great eye opener for many parents! You can never be too safe!