Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mens Shaving Products

I know we don’t do a lot of reviews on men's skin care products, but I wanted to get a shout out to a few product companies that we have used lately and who knows, your husband, boyfriend, dad etc may like to try them as well.

I only really use vaseline when it comes to my tattoos. I have a few (11), but that’s about it. When Vaseline asked that I (ok really, Darin) try their men's fast cooling spray it was perfect timing. Darin has been in a cast since May 28th when he got hit by a car while on his Harley. He broke his thumb in the joint and needed pins. Anyway, he really isn’t able to wash that hand well and it’s really dry.

He has been putting on the Vaseline spray everyday and loves it. He just sprays it on a few times a day. It’s great that it’s not greasy or anything and absorbs very quickly and nicely. It also has a hint of menthol that will give overheated-feeling skin a more soothing and cooling sensation. I know that he will definitely be buying more bottles when this one is used up.

Sebamed soap-free clinical skin care products have been developed to simplify the skin care regimen of the most sensitive of skins by supporting your skin's natural healing ability and maintaining an ideal pH level of 5.5. Sebamed products work to not only heal, but protect your skin from harmful environmental ailments. Help your skin, Heal itself.

Darin received the Men’s After Shave Balm. it looks like an upside shampoo bottle. It is meant to be used after shaving of course. If you have some irritated skin, this is perfect for you. Darin said that he really liked how quickly it absorbed into his skin and made him feel fresh. Some men who use after shave products use way too much and you can smell them for miles. This balm doesn’t have that strong smell to it, just a nice fresh scent.

The second item that we received was the Balsam Sensitive. It is a deodorant developed for men. What Darin liked about the deodorant is that it is for sensitive skin is especially formulated without alcohol, aluminum salts, and preservatives for high skin tolerability.

He is a man that sweats a lot, so he needs a really good deodorant that will withstand sweating throughout the day. He noticed that it didn’t cut out 100% of the sweat but it still did a really good job of blocking everything.

Sebamed products can be found at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Check them out next time you are there.

American Crew sent Darin their Post-Shave Cooling Lotion. This is kind of a double product. You can use it as a cooling after shave cream or just a daily moisturizer. I could tell after Darin used it for the first time as I could smell a very familiar scent. It smelled like tea tree oil. So I looked a little closer at the bottle and there it was, tea tree oil. I actually love that scent. To me it screams clean, I don’t know, something about it.

The other features are: Abyssine 657, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Nettle, Comfrey and Elder Flower Extracts.

Excellent source of minerals, especially zinc. Helps skin renew as it moisturizes. Essential fatty acids help regulate sebum production, anti-inflammory and antiseptic perfect for calming skin and helping to prevent irritation, a blend of extracts that promote healing and healthy, balanced skin.

Darin loves it and asked for me to buy him more for gifts (I’m sure I will),

View on their locator to see who carries American Crew near you or call your local barber shop to see if they carry it and if they don’t ask them to order some for you.

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