Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eufora Hero For Men Hair and shaving

Do you have a man that is picky to what products he uses to have with, shampoo or style his hair with? Luckily I was contacted by Eufora to have Darin try out their products. When I told him about it, he was really excited to try them out.

Eufora sent us a ton of items to try out their Complete Shampoo, Grooming Cream, Exceptional Shave, Revitalizing Treatment and their Molding Paste Paste.

Darin has very light hair and not much of it (we tease him that he has 3 strands) so he really liked the fact that this shampoo has Aloe Vera in it. He likes to use it after he has been in the sun as it feels really good on his scalp.

Eufora uses a concentrated and moisturizing formula that has a creamy lather and is great for all hair types.  It also uses Licorice root extract to reduce flaking and soothes any inflammation that one may have. One thing that I didn’t know is that they use a blend of health ingredients that inhibits 5 alpha reductase, the hormone that is responsible for pre-mature hair loss. It protects and repairs the hair follicle to help fight aging and slow hair loss.

Eufora’s Grooming cream is great for men who have a little longer hair but still need product in it. It creates a groomed look without the stiffness or stickiness. It will control frizz while also enhancing any natural curls and or wave.

Darin has very short hair so he won’t be using it. We do however have guests stay over a lot, so I will be keeping it on hand in case anybody does need it. Plus it’s a great way for them to see a new product if they haven’t tried it before.

The grooming cream uses Neem Seed Oil, Licorice Root extract, Avocado and CoEnzyme Q10 that contributes to the “wear-in” treatment benefits for healthy hair.

Revitalizing treatment is to be used daily after you shampoo to help your scalp and hair. Eufora uses a ProAmino Peptide Complex that soothes irritations, and increases scalp circulation. After you shampoo you massage it into the damp hair. To get the best results leave it on for at least 3-5 minutes before rinsing.
Menthol and Camphor are used in the treatment to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. One of the key things that I like is that Eufora uses Essential oil fragrance to help it smell super clean and fresh. They also don’t use artificial colorants, fragrances or parabens

Darin has super short hair but he likes to have it spiked up a little on the top so Texture Putty is perfect for him.  He likes that when he puts it in his hair it doesn’t have that oh you have a ton of product in your hair look.

Texture Putty also uses the ProAmino Peptide Complex to help get your hair and scalp healthier. To apply it you are to have your hair dry. Another nice thing about the putty is that you can re-work your hair throughout the day. It’s not the once it’s on and dry your done unless you wash it. Darin really likes that part of it.

Eufora uses Safflower and technology to soften and moisturize your hair when you use the texture putty.

Darin has a goatee so the rest of his face is almost always clean shaven. He was really excited to try the Exceptional Shave as he likes to try new products. This is a 3-in-1 shave and skin care experience. They use botanical ingredients and advanced science. Eufora says that it is great for those who face shaving challenges such as super sensitive skin or tough beards.

Darin noticed that after he shaved, his face felt so smooth and it smelt really good. Some shaving creams have a strong smell.

Eufora uses a unique blend of Nutmeg, Lavender, Black Pepper and Clove Essential oils to beard and prevent, soothe inflammation and irritation.

Check out their salon finder to find a salon near you that sells it. This would make for a perfect gift as well for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day or simply whenever.

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