Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gunter Wilhelm Santoku Knife

I can honestly say that I’m not a very good cook, BUT i’m trying. I have been cooking more and more lately and trying new things. For a long time I have been wanting new knives as the ones we have are old and not very sharp. I was so excited Gunter Wilhelm asked if I wanted to try one of their knives.

The knife I received  was their 7” Santoku Knife. Wow this knife is sharp! After using dull knives for so long and getting used to having to saw things, it was amazing to use a really good quality knife.

Maneet Chauhan who you may know if you watch Chopped or Iron Chef uses Gunter Wilhelm knives. I love watching those shows. It’s kind of cool knowing that i’m now using the same knives as super talented cooks.

The first thing I cut with the Santoku knife was a pig butt. I really wanted to test it out and making carnitas was a good way of doing just that. With my old knives it took forever because the blades were so dull. With the Santoku knife it took just a matter of minutes. I had about a 5 pound piece of meat to cut up into small cubes. It cut through the meat so quickly and fast, the only thing I had to think about was not chopping off my fingers.

This is no light knife, it was definitely a lot heavier than I thought. The weight isn’t a bad thing, just something I needed to get used to. Since getting it, I have been using it for everything. I even use it to cut up my veggies or fruit. Since fruit is wet and can be sticky I love the little dimples in the knife. This is so that the food can slid right off. I tell ya, they were really thinking when they

Please, please, please be careful when cleaning this knife as it is very very sharp. Once clean and dry, make sure you put it in the nice case that comes with it. This will not only protect your knife but it will also protect you from getting cut.

Check out Gunter Wilhelm single knives, block sets and other cookware when you are in the market for new ones. This would also make for the perfect gift for anyone that does a ton of cooking.

Oh and if I now have you thinking about carnitas please check out my recipe for them (delicious) and preparing them just got a ton easier with the help of Gunter Wihelm.

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  1. This knife sounds great. My husband is a chef so we are always trying to find good knives to use that will last a while.