Sunday, August 3, 2014

Safetytat the tat that brings kids back

Taking your child into a crowded area can be a little stressful. You always keep your kids in sight and don’t let them run off. Sometimes they do though and then panic hits and you can’t find them. I was asked by Safetytat to check their way to help just in case your child wanders off.

Safety tat is a sticker that you apply to your child’s arm or someplace very visible. You can write your number on it incase he/she wanders off. When your child is too young to remember your phone number this is perfect so when someone sees the sticker they can just call you and tell you where they are. Thank God I have never had a situation where this has happened to me, but I know friends that have and it’s so scary. Luckily they found them pretty quickly, but with the Safetytat they probably could have been found a little quicker.

The tattoo is so easy to apply, no water or anything needed. You just peel off the large backing, apply your hand firmly so the heat activates the adhesive. Then peel the top layer off. Once it’s on you can write your number on it (they even supply the pen). When you are done with the temp tattoo all you have to do is peel  it off. Please note that once you take it off, you can’t reuse it.  

The ones that we received were the beach themed but there are many more options to choose from. Not only do they have pre-made themes with their tatbuilder but you can also make ones yourself with all the information already on it. This way you don’t have to write anything, you just apply the tat and you’re good to go.

I love this idea and will be throwing a few in the diaper bag and also in my purse as part of “in case supplies”. You never know when you will need it. Fallon is now 2 and at the age where she wants to walk everywhere and her walking off can happen so quickly.

If your child does have sensitive skin, please test it out at home incase they get a rash.  

Check out their location finder for a store near you that sells them or just order them online.

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea. Great for when you go to the amusement park and kids wander off.