Friday, August 8, 2014

SodaStream Source Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing a soda fountain from SodaStream. There are several models available. I reviewed the “Source” which retails for around $99.99.My husband has always been a soda drinker and I, myself, enjoy a carbonated beverage on a daily basis. He is pickier than I am. He refuses to drink any off brand sodas or generic forms from the grocery store. He is usually not resistant to eating store brand foods, however, he must have name brand sodas.

We received the SodaStream Source and a variety of flavors to try. Among the flavors included regular cola, diet cola, diet pink grapefruit, cosmopolitan mix, cranberry juice, Dr. Pete (their form of Dr. Pepper) and a few others. So far, all of the flavors have tasted just like the name brand. Even my husband was extremely impressed. He plans on continuing to drink from the SodaStream!

Included with every soda fountain is a CO2 canister, and a 1 liter carbonating bottle. Setup is extremely easy. Just remove the back cover and screw in the CO2 canister. You will then fill the carbonating bottle with water up to the fill line. Be sure the water is cold. I made the mistake of filling it with room temperature water and when I went to add the flavor, it overflowed! You then plug the canister into the front of the machine and lock into place. After locking into place, press down on the top of the machine to charge the bottle with CO2. An LED display will light up indicating how much carbon dioxide is being delivered to the bottle. There are three levels of CO2. It is recommended that all colas use the 3rd level of CO2. You can always experiment by trial and error with each flavor to see how much CO2 is right for your drink. After charging your bottle, measure one capful of the flavoring and pour into the bottle. You are now ready to enjoy your home made carbonated beverage!

The flavors run from $5.99 and up depending on the size of the bottle. Each bottle of syrup usually makes around 12 liters. The CO2 canister, on average is good for about 60 liters depending on how much you charge the carbonating bottle with CO2. I believe the replacement cost of the CO2 canister is around $35-$40. You should receive a credit for trading in your old canister. I would also advise purchasing an extra carbonating bottle so you can have more than one flavor available to the family.

My family and I highly recommend this product to any carbonated beverage aficionado! Not only does it save the environment from bottles and cans, it saves your arms from having to carry in that 12 or 24 pack of sodas!

Top Notch Material is pleased to announce that we will be offering a contest starting 8/10/14 for Soda Stream Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit which includes: 
  •         Fountain Jet 
  •         1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
  •         Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
  •         Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
  •         $99.95 value

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  1. This sounds like a great product and fun to use too. I know my family would love having one of these. I would like to try an orange and root beer flavor.

  2. I love ours! I highly recommend these. It's fun even to look up recipes for your own homemade syrup to make drinks :)